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5 Google AdSense Self Optimization Steps to Success

Google Adsense Self Optimization Steps to Success

Basic Five Self-Optimization Steps:

1.   Analyst your webpages
2.  Set up custom channels
3.  Optimize your ad unit design and placement
4.  Maximize revenue from multiple units
5.  Track and measure your results

Maximize revenue from multiple units on a page
Take advantage of how your users interact with ads

  • Use custom channels to dertmine which of your ad units outperforms the rest (higest CTR and eCPM)

The first ad unit on a page always shows the top ads that win the ad auction.

  • These pay you the most per click

The first ad unit on the page id defined as the first instance  of the ad code within the HTML of the page.

  • Place that ad unit first in your HTML

This maximises the yield you receive from multiple units

Watch Google AdSense Steps to Success Video:

In this vidoe your can learn how can we setting up custom channels in our Google Adsense Account, Custom Channels are very important tools to distinguish what ad units perform best across your pages.

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