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The Importance of Keywords and Keyword Placement in Your Website

importance of Keywords

You’ve made the decision. It’s now time to either build a website for your business or do a redesign on your current website that just isn’t bringing in the business you would like.

One of the first steps in the process is identifying keywords or keyword phrases that potential customers would use to find out about your business and the services you provide.

This is a critical step because these keywords or keyword phrases are what will identify you to potential customers. For instance, you wake up and your foot hurts, normally you’d get online, do a search for a podiatrist or foot doctor, make a couple of calls and be on your way. What if you just put in “doctor” and went to the first one that came up?

Well, next thing you know, you’re bent over an examination table, pants around your ankle, while the person behind you tells you that you may experience some pressure and you’re thinking either this is some new age medicine or I’ve made a terrible mistake. Where did you go wrong?

When identifying keywords or keyword phrases it’s important to be as specific as possible. Analyze every possible service or product you provide to potential customers, and think of all the ways someone could do a search for those services.

For instance, in our example for the podiatrist, you could do a search for “podiatrist”, followed by the location you live in, or you could put in “foot doctor, location” or maybe “foot diagnosis, location”. Phrases regarding your foot and or care of your foot would be a good start.

The same applies to your business. Think to yourself, who am I marketing to? Ask coworkers, how they would look us up on the web, same with friends and family. Then take into account variations of those keywords. What if I make them plural, can I abbreviate them, and are they frequently misspelled? Also, think in two and three word phrases, too few words and you might not be specific enough, too many words and it’s overkill.

After you’ve identified and exhausted all the possible keywords you might think there are regarding your business you can test out your theories.

Google has a keyword tool the enables you to put in all the keywords regarding your business, and then they’ll provide you with the number of searches each term generates for the last month and gives you a monthly average. From there you can determine which keyword phrases or most relevant to your business and maybe you’ll even discover a niche that your business can service that you can use to your benefit.

Now that you’ve designated your keywords, it’s time to begin the process of creating your content.

Placing your keywords can be just as important as identifying them. A good plan is to have one or two keyword phrases that you will associate with each page on your site.

Also, things like putting your keywords in a bold font can also be helpful. The first assumption most make is thinking you can just repeat the keyword, not so. Most search engines will penalize you because they consider this spam.

When creating your content, it’s important to use your keywords so that the flow freely in the description you are providing. The content must read well.

When discussing your website design with the company you are using, make sure that they also place keywords in the title, headers, and intra-site links. These important tidbits should help you have a greater understanding of the importance of keywords and their placement.

Author: Scott Poliseno

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