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Facebook Events Now Creates Automatic Guest Lists From Your Most Recent Parties

Facebook creates automatic guest list

Facebook just added the ability to invite friends to an event based on who was invited to past events that you’ve been to. The new feature basically lets you filter your friends by recent events when creating an invitee list.

So when you create an event on Facebook, you will now see a “Filter Friends” tab in the upper-left corner. The drop-down menu will display the five most recent events you either created or attended in the past month. If you click on one of these events, you can see the invitee list for this event. Of course, only your friends will appear in this list; you will not be able to see or invite anyone who you aren’t friends with from past lists. One drawback is that you can only access the lists from recent events and can’t see the lists from older events.

You can either invite people individually or select all. The new feature is definitely an easier way to both create an invitee list for an event. Facebook’s event application is massively popular, with the site seeing “2.5 million events created each month”. While Facebook’s event app is growing rapidly, rival social network MySpace has also been steadily boosting its events application and recently overtook Evite, another popular event planning site in number of invitations sent per day.

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