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20 Creative Apps For Your iPhone – Iphone Apps


We all know that the iPhone does a lot more than just call your friends. As an application platform, the iPhone has been embraced by developers in a massive way, and there are apps that can help you do everything from learning to cook to watching live TV.

The iPhone and iTouch are also great tools to channel your creativity and there are a wide variety of available applications that can help you create works of art or get inspired.

Here is a list of some of the best artistic, creative applications that you can get for your iPhone and iTouch, whether for professional or personal reasons, or simply for pure amusement.

Drawing Apps

1. Finger Paint– For 99 cents, you can enjoy finger painting on your iPhone/iTouch. The Finger Paint app gives you control of color, size of brush and opacity. Pictures can be saved in your photo album and you can draw directly on your other album photos.

2. Scribble – Scribble is a multi-touching drawing, painting and tracing tool. The app allows you to shake to erase the picture, which is reminiscent of the classic “Etch-a-Sketch” toy.

3. Color Tilt – This app allows you to finger paint in 4,096 colors, which lets you create very complex works of art, and gives you the ability to create 3D graphics effects. It was selected as the iTunes Top Paid App of 2008 by Apple.

4. Layers – Allows you to create art using 5 layers, so that you can develop more complex images. It features high quality brushes, a full-featured eyedropper tool, adjustable brush sizes, an undo history tool and the ability to export images as hi-res PSD files or JPGs.

5. SpinArt – This app allows you to swipe the canvas at varying speeds to create spiraled art effects.

6. Anarchy Graffiti – This is a fun application that allows you to vandalize your photos with graffiti art. It is complete with sound effects for “realistic” graffiti action.

7. iCanSketchIt – iCanSketchIt is a competitive drawing game that determines the best finger-sketch artist in the world. It works by challenging artists on their accuracy and speed via unique drawing games. It has 80 levels with a sketch grading system and online scoring, and the app is supported by community chat rooms and allows you to communicate with other players.

8. Fluid Motion Painter – Draw by injecting and manipulating the flow of ink. Watch it dance around the screen as the colors blend in a silky fluid motion, alter movement to create the effects you want and pause the frame when you’re satisfied with the design.

9. Squiggles – An app specifically for doodling on a select image or photo from your album. You can decorate photos with overlay images and special stamp brushes.

10. Paint Light – A simulation of the classic Lite Brite, Pain Light lets you select from 24 different colored pegs, which you can use to create drawings. Toggle the light switch to see the colors light up.

11. Type Drawing – Selected by O’Reilly as Best iPhone App in their upcoming book, Best iPhone Apps. A unique drawing application that offers the ability to draw with the use of type. Type a sentence, word, or letters for each drawing, select font, size, color and opacity as well. Background papers or photos can be chosen, and the finished drawing can be saved in your album.

12. Light Writer – The app allows you create messages that can be moved in a steady motion while you take pictures in a longer shutter setting on your camera. Pick your own colors, images and even choose rainbow mode.

Photo Apps

13. Camera Zoom v1.1 – The iPhone doesn’t have an optical zoom and the built-in camera doesn’t have digital zooming capabilities. But this app allows you to zoom in and out in real-time when taking pictures up to 4x, as well as adjust the photo quality.

14. CameraBag – CameraBag lets you dramatically enhance your photos using 10 unique camera filter simulations like “Magazine,” “1974,” or “Fisheye.” Layering can also be done to create unique effects.

15. Green Screen Studio – Allows you to choose or take pics and remove the background to add in new backgrounds from your library of wallpapers and photos.

16. ToyCamera – Like CameraBag, this applications features 8 different photos effects that you can apply to your pictures, including “Vintage green,” “Low Saturation,” “Toning Sepia,” and “HiCon Black&White.”

17. Pano – Take panoramic images with up to 16 photos. The app features advanced alignment tools and blending and color correction algorithms. The panoramas you take can be saved to your phone in resolutions of up to 6800×800. Panoramic images can be resumed should your phone be interrupted by calls or other notifications.

18. DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition – This is the next generation cable release for your Canon EOS DSLR Camera. Just connect your camera to a Wi-Fi enabled computer and you can instantly adjust settings, fire the shutter, review images, and even get a live viewfinder preview using your iPhone/iTouch.

19. Tattoo Shop – This app lets you add real-looking tattoos to any photo in your album. Ever wondered what grandma would look like with a skull on her arm? Now you can find out.

20. SpiritCam – More of a fun tool than anything, this app allows you to take photos and unique apparitions will appear on the shot taken. It makes for a fun prank to pull on friends as well.

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