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16GB and a MicroSD card reader, the size of your thumbnail


This is the tiniest and most awesome thumbdrive ever. I made a big deal about Maxell’s new drives having a MicroSD reader, but will you look at this thing? The little plastic bit is practically ornamental; the whole thing is contained within the actual USB connector. And it’s got 16GB built in! Are you kidding me?

They’re Japan-only… except you can order them at GeekStuff4u. You should know, though, that the tininess comes at a price. 15,500 is approximately $160, for which price you could get a rugged LaCie terabyte drive and a regular-size 16GB thumb drive to boot. But why? Why would you get something big and orange when you could spend all that money on the smallest thing ever made by mankind?

I guess you could also just buy the 4GB version for $35. Or the 2GB version, puzzlingly also $35. They all come in both black and white, which is more than I can say for myself.


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