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Windows Mobile now called “Windows Phone” – no, really


Apparently, it’s been leaked by some loose-lipped presenter at a Microsoft event that “Windows Mobile” is out, and “Windows Phone” is in. Well, Microsoft, I try to get your back now and then when you’re misunderstood or wrongly accused, but this is beyond the pale. I can’t think of a worse name to call your operating system. Let me count the reasons why:

  • Apple has taken all the mindshare for “____Phone” devices. I understand you want to beat them at their own game, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress like them and get your hair cut like them. This advice also applies to your new store.
  • Windows Mobile is a name people know. Changing it, for no reason, to something extremely similar, without any changes to the OS itself, suggests you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • People still say “phone,” but “mobile” is a more modern and specific term. You had a winner there. “Windows Phone” sounds like a crappy house telephone with WinCE on it.
  • It just sounds… dumb. I realize this is just my opinion, but it’s not snappy or memorable, it fades from the mind rather than sticking in it like Android or Symbian. Plus, how are we going to shorten it now? WinPho?
  • Even “Microsoft Phone” would be better. Or “Windows Connect,” or “Contact.” I like that last one. You can have it, Microsoft. You can pay me back by whipping the chumps who came up with your current one.

I could go on, but why spoil your fun? What do you guys think of this ridiculous turn of events? [via]

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