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Verizon to carry the Apple tablet?

apple tablet

Here’s something to mull over while you get ready for bed. The Street is reporting that Apple will launch the highly anticipated (and rumored) tablet with Verizon. Now, we’ve heard rumors that Verizon could be getting a CDMA variant of the iPhone at some point in the near future, but no one in China has leaked such a thing.

According to Scott Moritz’s sources, Apple and Verizon “won’t be as tightly integrated” as Apple and AT&T and the rumored tablet has been ready for roughly a year. The kicker here is that, Verizon would subsidize the cost of the tablet without giving potential customers sticker shock.

An always-connected iPod? In my mind, this has been Apple’s plan all along. Apple never set out to be the king of smartphones. They simply wanted an iPod that was always connected to the Internet to power the apps that have made the iPhone and iPod Touch so popular. We (as in Michael and CrunchPad Inc.) better get on their horse and get the CrunchPad out. But then again, the CrunchPad won’t always be connected.


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