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Natal Xbox 360 in 2010 rumor is back


It looks like Microsoft may have a killer-app in mind for it’s motion-sensing Project NATAL Xbox 360 camera revealed at this year’s E3 2009.

In an interview with the Seattle Times, the President of Bungie, Harold Ryan, spoke very positively of the NATAL, saying in fact that they may use it with Halo: Reach.

To quote:

Microsoft continues to distribute Bungie games, and the studio so far has chosen to make games exclusively for the Xbox platform.

Bungie also received an early look at the “Project Natal” motion-sensing controller Microsoft is developing for the Xbox. Studio President Harold Ryan said he’s enthusiastic about the device and it could be used in “Reach,” another version of “Halo” expected in the fall of 2010. “I absolutely think ‘Reach’ could be enabled with it,” he said.

This would be a VERY smart decision by Microsoft. Especially if it requires the NATAL . . . then people would have no choice but to pick the camera up, thus ensuring a much larger instal-base than if they were to release it seperately. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

For more info: Microsoft’s E3 2009 Press Conference, The Seattle Times reports Halo: Reach to use NATAL
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