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How to Re-Activate your google Adsense account, after being banned?

Banned Google Adsense

I was reading a very interesting post at digitalpoint forum where a gentlemen involved in invalid click activity and his adsense account was banned like many others.  I could understand the way he felt because almost every adsense newbie is inclined towards self clicking or invalid clicking initially, due to lack of awareness.

Do keep in mind that Google is smart enough to track down the illegal activities of your adsense account and sooner of later such accounts get banned. Google adsense uses multiple algorithms to detect click fraud and consequently ban an account.

Case 1: When you are guilty

If you really did the click fraud and your adsense account got banned, then there is absolutely no hope that you will get your Google adsense account back. So, all you need to do is to apply for a new one with changed address, IP, and payee name and restart your adsense career. You can use your relative’s name/address which you can change it later.

Case 2: When you are not guilty

When you are confident that you haven’t done anything wrong against Terms and Conditions of Google Adsense, then you have a fair chance of getting back your Google Adsense account by following these steps without being panic.

Step 1- Gather all the facts

If you can collect all the information which can help you defend your case with google. You need to know if a friend, family member, or employee (i.e. someone under your control) clicked your ads. Did you ask someone to click? Did you click by accident? Gather the facts, even if they reveal actual invalid clicks.

Step 2- Fill out the Appeal Form

There is a simple form to fill out to appeal this decision. Be honest, truthful, and tell Google what happened. If you have no knowledge of invalid clicks, say that. If someone accidentally clicked, explain that. If a visitor maliciously clicked repeatedly, tell Google the story. You’ve got nothing to lose at this point.

Step 3-Be Patient

When you fill out this form it says it’s going to take 48 hours to process your appeal. But it may take longer than expected, so keep yourself cool and be mentally prepared for it.

Step 4- If you are successful, Celebrate it

If you put up your case well with google, then there is a good chance that you might succeed in reinstating your Google Adsense Account. So, celebrate your success! It will take Google up to 48 hours to start displaying ads again, so be patient. You might lose a week of earnings, but that’s nothing in the long run.

Step 5- Re-Appeal and Re-Re-Appeal

If you don’t get any response from Google Adsense within a week which means your account is still banned, then appeal again. Be polite, professional, and honest. Dig back through your information and see if you missed something that might be important.

Give atleast three tries before you finally give up your adsense account!!

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