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Watch Peace TV Live Online – Islamic TV Channel

Based in India; Peace TV, an Islamic TV Channel, is a 24 hour spiritual edutainment channel. It telecasts state of the art TV programmes in English and Urdu. It aspires for a quest for promoting truth, justice, morality, harmony and wisdom for the whole of humankind. Peace TV features internationally famous scholars and orators on religion and humanity like Dr. Zakir Naik, Maulana Parekh (India), Dr. Israr Ahmed (Pakistan), Dr. Bilal Phillips (Canada), Yassir Fazaga (USA), Abdur Raheem Green (UK), Hussain Ye (Malaysia), Dr. Jafar Idris (Sudan), Salem Al Amri

English Programs

Youth Talk, The Wonder Kids, Crossfire, Dare to Ask,Faith Frontiers, Fire of Faith, Fundamentals of Faith, Here to Hereafter, Man with a mission, Learning Qur’anic Arabic, My Choice, Peace Missile, Prophetic Hadith, Ramadan Fiqh Issues, Reminders, The Spirit Of Islam, Truth Exposed, Whiz – Kidz

Urdu Programs

Gulshan-e-Eemaan, Izhar-e-Haq, Qiraat, Rab Ka Nizaam, Rah-e-Hidayat, Rasool (saw) Ki Baat, Sahih Tariqah, Zikr-e-Qur’an / Khulasa-e-Qur’an, Paigham-e-Aman

Now you can watch Peace TV Live Online for Free. There are three Live Peace TV versions: Dubai, UK and US. Pleae scroll download to watch Peace TV online of you choice. Please donate to Peace TV if you supports what they are saying. Thanks

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