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Microsoft Stops Paying For Employees’ iPhones, BlackBerries & Palm Pre Data Plans

According to the Microsoft’s cost-cutting strategy, company isn’t going to pay anymore for any other devices for its employees and new data plan reimbursement is just limited to Windows Mobile devices. So, company has stopped paying for services such like Apple iPhone data service plans, Research In Motion BlackBerry service, and Palm Pre for employees, even these devices are in use for work.
By doing this company is enforcing their employees to use or buy Microsoft Windows Mobile phone. In other words Microsoft employees are only allowed to use Windows smart phones and could not keep any other smart phone of their choice while they are on work. Whereas Microsoft insists on this point that this policy is just a part of their cost-cutting business strategy.

But if we have a look on the statement of Melinda Gates, wife of Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, she had already confirmed the issue that iPhones, iPods and BlackBerries are not allowed either in their household or at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

So, its clear that Microsoft wants to make Windows Mobile a defacto device by restricting their employees to use any other mobile phone.

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