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As we know there are currently 6 Billion mobile phones subscribers worldwide and over 1.2 Billion people accessing the web via a mobile device.

In 2014, mobile internet or mobile websites usage will overtake desktop internet usage and its almost more then 60% overtake in 2012.

Let’s take a quick look at some inspiring examples of mobile websites design ideas

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by Javascript, jQuery

Blur.js is a amazing jQuery plugin for blur web elements.

It actually works by creating and placing psuedo-transparent blurred elements over the targeted ones and makes use of the StackBlur algorithm.

The source of the blurred item (it can use the background of body or other HTML elements), radius of the effect and it is positioning can be defined …

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There are many CSS frameworks that help creating responsive layouts very quickly and easily. is a modern grid system for web & mobile  design one which is mainly built for rapid prototyping and offers more room compared to the popular by widening the gutter space.

The 978 grid system uses 12 columns at 54px, with extra roomy …

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Wink Toolkit is a JavaScript framework for creating mobile web applications with less-hassle. wink toolkit is a mobile JavaScript framework for building webapps on iPhone, iPad and Android.

It comes in multiple parts where the “core” (which includes HTTP requests utilities, event management system or DOM extensions) is a must to use and every other feature is optional.

Please feel …

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Google Inc. was testing a new version of its Gmail web application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Well, the company announced yesterday on the Official Google Mobile Blog that the new version of the Gmail web application is now available.

Google indicates that the new Gmail web application is faster and snappier than before. In addition, the toolbars are …

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Instant CSS Code is a free web-based tool that enables us to quickly create a web project framework with valid HTML/XHTML and CSS.
Instant CSS Code allows you to quickly create a web project framework with valid HTML/xHTML and CSS in only a matter of seconds, allowing you to get your project up and running faster!

Once submitted, the

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by Apple, Iphone

In the midst of the iPhone 4 antenna Issue, Apple has launched a new section on its website dedicated to the problem dubbed “Smartphone Antenna Performance.” The web page went live just moments after the company held an emergency press conference today at its headquarters in Cupertino,California. The section is full of resources such as videos and photos explaining …

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Mobile Website Designs is getting more and more popular, Specially the iPhone design. Almost every popular website or web app offers a mobile version now. In this post, We are collected a list of 40+ best mobile website designed sites (ranging from personal, blog, portoflio, editoral, web app, etc.) that are optimized for iPhone. I …

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by Web Browsers

Few days ago Opera has released Opera 10.5 beta for Windows operating system and now Beta 2 is rolled out. This newly released beta includes some improvements and enhancements which are written below.

Opera 10.5 Beta 2 for Windows Features:

  • New JavaScript engine is 8x faster than before
  • Better integration with the Windows OS
  • New level of standards compliance
  • Context

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Most important phase of  SEO – Google Page Rank.

Lots of webmasters are either clicking their heels or kicking their LCDs. Google’s Pagerank Update is sweeping world wide and apparently, a lot of people lost overhyped pagerank than gained. That’s where all the heat’s blowing from.

I myself lost ranking at my two sites (dropped to PR4, PR1), gained at …

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