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Mozilla has released its web browser update Firefox 11 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Firefox 11 final includes new features and fixes to improve the performance and user experience over the web.

Now with this fresh creation of Firefox 11.0 beta 1 you can transfer Chrome bookmarks, history, modernized media controls for HTML5 video, support for the CSS …

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by Apple, Software & Utilities

Apple has released update for its web browser Safari 5.1.4 for Windows & Mac with some improving JavaScript performance on OS X Lion in particular, and adding several new enhancements and tweaks in the Snow Leopard version of the browser, as well as on Windows.

In addition to improving JavaScript performance on OS X 10.7, Safari 5.1.4 improves responsiveness …

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by Google, Software & Utilities

Google has released Google Chrome 17 alpha stable update with some new features including secure downloading, and faster page loading. Are there any changes or features worth checking out?

Official Chrome blog:

“When you start typing in the omnibox and the URL autocompletes to a site you’re very likely to visit, Chrome will prerender the page, so it will …

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by Firefox, Software & Utilities

Firefox, one of the top Internet browsers, has an update to Firefox 10 with some additional features, UI changes and bug fixes available for download. This upgrade is from the previous 9.0.1 build that many Firefox users have been using. It seems like not too long ago that we (Firefox users, at least) were all running Firefox 4. Nine …

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