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What happened with the Internet in 2011? How many email accounts were there in the world in 2011? How many websites? How much did the most expensive domain name cost? Which Web server takes highest numbers in market share? How many photos were hosted on Facebook? How many videos were viewed to YouTube?

We’ve got all the statistics,

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Google announced recently on the Official Google Mobile Blog that its Google Mobile App for BlackBerry has been updated to version 3.8.22. The new version of Google Mobile App for BlackBerry allows users to remotely search for specific messages and items on Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Contacts. Previously, the application only allowed BlackBerry Smartphone owners to search email …

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Finally its arrived. Mozilla has surprised the technology world this evening by officially releasing Firefox 4 Beta 1. The download is officially available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. The final version of the browser, however, is expected to be available either by the end of this year, or early next year — provided that all goes according …

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Twitter Introducing Location based services are becoming very popular these days and the famous micro blogging site “Twitter” is also adding places to its site. Twitter has officially announced that it is going to add places to Twitter updates which is called “Twitter Places“. Twitter Places allows users to add a place to a tweet. This will help …

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The user base of Apple’s incredible iPhone smartphone are seemingly excited about a new browser which claims to be a whopping six times faster than the stock Safari browser on board the device’s operating system. We are of course referring to the Opera browser.

According to Opera spokesman Thomas Ford, iPhone users could be seeing the browser in just …

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Opera has released the final version of Opera 10.10 web browser after releasing many beta versions.

What make version 10.10 stand out from the crowd of browsers is the fact that the application bundles not only the Opera browser, but also server capabilities via Opera Unite. In this sense, users will be able to use nothing more than Opera 10.10 …

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Most important phase of  SEO – Google Page Rank.

Lots of webmasters are either clicking their heels or kicking their LCDs. Google’s Pagerank Update is sweeping world wide and apparently, a lot of people lost overhyped pagerank than gained. That’s where all the heat’s blowing from.

I myself lost ranking at my two sites (dropped to PR4, PR1), gained at …

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