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Google Inc. was testing a new version of its Gmail web application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Well, the company announced yesterday on the Official Google Mobile Blog that the new version of the Gmail web application is now available.

Google indicates that the new Gmail web application is faster and snappier than before. In addition, the toolbars are …

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Mozilla announced on The Mozilla Blog today the introduction of a small update as beta number six of its upcoming Firefox 4 browser. The new beta 6 comes just eight days after the last iteration was made available. Mozilla looks fix a few issues on both Windows and Mac OS X.

According to the company, the beta fixes the …

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Most important phase of  SEO – Google Page Rank.

Lots of webmasters are either clicking their heels or kicking their LCDs. Google’s Pagerank Update is sweeping world wide and apparently, a lot of people lost overhyped pagerank than gained. That’s where all the heat’s blowing from.

I myself lost ranking at my two sites (dropped to PR4, PR1), gained at …

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