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Twitter Search is great. Unfortunately, unlike FriendFeed’s search, it doesn’t update live in real-time. Sure, for some searches, that would be annoying. But it’d be nice to at least have the option to watch a stream of incoming tweets without having to hit the refresh button. And Twitter has just unveiled a way to do that, with a new widget.…

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On May 28th, tech circles went wild when Google revealed Google Wave at its Google I/O conference. The response to and the questions about the new communication platform were staggering. Is it something I should use? Is it a game-changer? Could it kill email itself?

This type of lofty rhetoric will always raise hopes and draw scrutiny. We want to …

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Although it isn’t very long after WordPress 2.8.1 was released, WordPress 2.8.2 was just released today and is a security update which corrects a XSS vulnerability which was discovered.   Comment author URLs were not fully sanitized when displayed in the admin. This could be exploited to redirect you away from the admin to another site.

Due to this being a …

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Recently Google Chrome Dev Channel was updated with new version of Google Chrome, Google Chrome This new version of Google Chrome is available for Windows, Linux as well as Mac OS X. Once again the creator of first portable Google Chrome for Windows has come up with Portable Google Chrome 3 for Mac OS X.

Portable Google …

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Everyone who has ever traveled overseas wants a Babelfish. The ability to instantly translate your words and the words of others in a way that both parties can understand would be the greatest breakthrough in communications technology since the birth of the Internet. Unfortunately, we’re probably still years away from that breakthrough. But Sakhr technologies, a contractor for the departments …

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Need a browser on the go? Well, you are at the right place. Here I have compiled a list of 8
USB edition of your favorite web browsers
. Now, you can bring your
everywhere you go.


Mozilla Firefox portable web browser is available for Windows and Mac operating systems.


Opera potable web browser is available …

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Zamzar is an free online tool that lets you convert image, document, Compressed , music, and video files up to 100 MB in size to different formats for free. This is an easy way to convert your files into different formats without installing any software. This free online file convertor has a lot of features which makes it stand …

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This is a list of my top 7 (or so) favorite and most used Photoshop keyboard shortcuts. Some might be obvious to you, some you might already know, and some might be new to you. Feel free to add your own below. There’s nothing more damaging to your productivity than having to wrestle with the program you are using to …

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Link buying and exchanging is a good idea but may be not for the search engines. Got it? well lets take a simple example of blogroll in WordPress. Blogroll is a list of links that may be links of other bloggers, favorite website, link buying or exchanging. Be careful if your website caught by the search engine algorithm as …

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Microsoft has announced Windows 7 will officially go on sale to consumers on October 22, 2009.

Microsoft has been consistently saying it plans to release the next version of its flagship desktop operating system, Windows 7, before the end of 2009—and computer maker Acer spilled some beans a month ago by saying it expected to launch Windows 7-equipped PCs in …

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