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Wirefy is a CSS-JS responsive framework for creating cross-browser responsive  wireframe layouts very quickly.

Wirefy will respond to the proper viewport. Go ahead, resize this page to see how it works. Wirefy is style agnostic so that clients don’t get hung up on colours, fonts, other design elements. It’s meant to be another tool for your development kit that provides …

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Sidetap is a lightweight framework for mobile web apps  (2kb minified, gzipped).

The framework actually focuses on providing a flexible side-navigation similar to the one we know from Facebook’s mobile app, and, once the navigation part is solved, it is pretty easy to build a simple mobile web app.

Lightweight Sidetap only weighs 2k when minifyied and gzipped!


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Ratchet is a component library for PHP that provides developers with the tools to create real time, bi-directional applications between clients and servers.

Official Words:

WebSockets are a bi-directional, full-duplex, persistent connection from a web browser to a server. Once a WebSocket connection is established the connection stays open until the client or server decides to close this connection. With …

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Backbone.Notifier is a powerful UI notifications framework for displaying and controlling UI notifications.

It is built on top of jQuery, Backbone.js + Underscore.js and has many cool features like a 3D module or animations support.

The notifications can be displayed on the top or in the middle, modal notifications exist and it is possible to set custom styles via CSS …

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GMaps.js, is a  jQuery plugin, allows Google Maps  integration  in a easiest way. Google Maps, like any other Google product is already easy-to-use and their API is not that complicated to work with.

Besides adding a standard map of a specific location, we can define the zoom level, add markers, get the location of a user (HTML5 geolocation),

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Redactor is a free JavaScript WYSIWYG editor with drag ‘n’ drop images and files on the web. Redactor powered by jQuery its have clear interface.

It auto-converts textarea fields into an editor and the editor is capable of all the major actions (text-styling, adding image/file/video/tables/lists).


  • Awesome drag and drop files and images upload
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Many toolbar options
  • Various
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Opauth is an open source PHP application for login with google, twitter or facebook authentication app that removes the inconsistencies between providers and offers a standardized method for dealing with them.

Opauth as a framework provides a set of API that allows developers to create strategies that work in a predictable manner across PHP frameworks and applications.

Currently, 3 providers …

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WYSIHTML5 is an open source rich text editor, based on HTML5 technology, developed by Xing, that produces non-bloated, valid HTML5 code.

The editor doesn’t rely on any JS framework,  it is lightweight andloads/works pretty fast.

It transforms textarea fields and provides the major stuff including text styles (bold, italic), lists, headers, inserting images or links and …

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ddSlick, a free lightweight jQuery plugin for creating drop down menus (list menus) with images and description, list-menus with a better look and more information.

It works as a drop-down menu where we can use images and description besides a simple text.

Drop Down Menus Plugin Features:

  • Adds images and description to otherwise boring drop downs.
  • Uses JSON
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Socialite.js is a JavaScript library for having more control over social sharing buttons like lazy load, on article hover, on vertical scrolling on any event!.

The library is lightweight (2kb minified-gzipped), standalone and helps the social widgets to load when you want them or only when needed/requested to speed up web pages.

It has support for the major players: …

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