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Download 60+ Illustrator Logos in “AI ” Format.

This logos are vector illustration and can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution. This logos will download as a “AI”  file format. You will need a vector editor to use this file (such as Adobe Illustrator).

Click here for download.…

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Depending on your needs and professional skills, the choice of an optimal weblog engine can be quite time-consuming. There are many options, and selecting the best engine, you should know exactly what you’d like to have and which level of flexibility you’d like to achieve.

Among dozens of options, WordPress remains the most popular weblog engine out there. It is …

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To manage your followers or friends on twitter is not an easy task. To be successful on twitter you have to analyze different things. You should know how active your followers are, do they retweet your tweets, do they update regularly and you should know those whom you are following are following you.

To manage all above things there are …

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Here is a working trick that will help you in getting more and more Twitter followers. In this post I am going to explain you that how you can add a Twitter badge to your blog or site that slides down automatically when you scroll down the web page.

This is how the badge will look :

So here is …

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Did you know that you can customize Google chrome with several themes and plugins? Yes, Google chrome does not only promise a faster browsing experience, but also customization like any other web browser to look attractive. Although there are not many, you can find a handful of Google Chrome themes to download and install on your computer. Here are some …

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There are quite a lot of fresh and new Windows 7 designs floating around on the net, ranging from concept designs to photos and wallpapers. Although Windows 7 still looks very similar to Windows Vista (which is not a bad thing) the final Windows 7 will have it’s own and unique feel and touch.

This is a compilation of the …

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Sharing links is central to the Twitter (Twitter) experience – it helps others find out about interesting news, useful guides, and important updates. And with retweeting, these links spread fast. But what if you’re not a big link sharer or don’t have the time to share the things that interest you?

YoTwits aims to fix that problem by letting you …

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If you’re unfamiliar with FON, it’s a service that interconnects home WiFi connections into a network; members share their bandwidth with others, and in turn they can also connect to other Foneros, as the members are called.

The service is centered around Fonera, a WiFi router that just got upgraded to version 2.0, and although most users aren’t that …

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Twitter is free Social Networking and Micro Blogging site which allows the users to send tweets a text based post upto 140 character long on Twitter site. Twitter is found to be most useful application for sending instant updates about your new post, links and sharing content to hundreds of followers.

After searching for about two hours on Google and …

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Different Ajax Loading Bars

I have been looking for something that will make my life a little easier when it comes to creating loading animations and with Ajax becoming more and more popular the need for good and small loading bars will increase exponentially.

Here are the examples that you have to choose from:

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