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We Love Buttons is a set of many buttons that we’ve created for you to download and use freely.

We love CSS. CSS allows separation of content and style. With CSS3, making elements from simple markup is even easier. This library of sorts allows you to easily get beautiful buttons in WebKit browsers. Our markup is almost sexier …

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Free font downloads are useful for graphic designers and as well as web designers alike. Simple to install and use, they offer an easy way to add variety and make a website visually pop. starting from their artwork and finishing with the selection of typography. Some of you can say that one shouldn’t pay much attention to it, but …

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CampaignMonitor, an e-mail marketing service, is sharing 100+ professional, good-looking and free HTML e-mail templates. They are created by several talented + well-known designers and come with the PSD source files for total customization.

Every template has been thoroughly tested in more than 20 of the most popular email clients like Outlook 2010, Gmail, Lotus Notes, …

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FontPark is the largest portal with 70,000+ free fonts for commercial and noncommercial use . The fonts available for PC Mac and Linux.

All the fonts are categorized very well within titles like 3D, Sans Serif, curly, etc. and they can be browsed by “last added”, alphabetically or “top fonts”.

You can define a custom text where all the …

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PHP GD Barchart Generator – script built using PHP’s GD image library allows you to easily add simple charts in your web pages. It accepts a number of parameters in the <img>’s src and you can also set more global settings in the file itself, giving you full control over what data is displayed, in what colours, sizing, fonts and …

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Free Download PHP Open Source CMS/Admin panel for both Personal and commercial use.


Just Copy and Paste

Your CMS/ADMIN PANEL is now ready to use.


  • Dynamic Menus Navigation
  • Dynamic Error Messages
  • Dynamic Color Theme
  • Add Dynamically Pages
  • Group Permission and User Permission

Screen Shorts:

Login Screen

Login Screen With Error Message:

Authorize User Login

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Font is the basic part of any document, presentation or image.  A unique font can help your document stand out and attract attention. A perfectly suited font can help to make a design attractive and successful. So that’s way we are compiling best free fonts download website roundup for you the list of free fonts download websites have  huge selection …

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Free Blogger XML Templates for your Next Blog. Blogger Templates are free and you can download and as well as you see live Demo of all templates. Best XML templates for blogspot blogs. Template is  the basic requirement of any blog  its like a treasure for blog.
Download quality and professionally designed Free Blogger Templates.
You may be

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Logos are very effective and meaningful and differentiate the company from its competitors. Colors add life to the company logo and are effective tools in the design of the logos. The key to designing fantastic logos lies in paying close attention to the color scheme. Visually appealing logos have a consistent application of color.

You may be interested in the

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Display beautiful images is a potent element in web and graphic design, where there is less concern for readability and more potential for using images in an artistic manner. Photoshop is useful for both creating and editing images to be used in print or online. Not too easy to use, but full of high-quality features, Photoshop is the best …

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