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Today i found new wordpress plugin “WP-Robot”, this wp-plugin Automatically post Youtube Videos, Amazon Products, eBay auctions, Clickbank ads and much more to your blog without lifting a finger.

WP Robot Features:

This is a quick overview of all features of the WP Robot core version, which can be extended by adding aditional modules.

  • Create posts related to your weblog’s
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Firefox 3.5.4, released earlier this morning, is being called a security and stability update. It doesn’t add new features, but instead directly deals with Firefox stability issues, fixes a few bugs (i.e. the ability to re-submit crash reports), and most importantly, patches up a group of security vulnerabilities.

Here are the security issues this version of Firefox patches:

– Crashes …

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Google Wave is still available only to a subset of lucky users who’ve gotten invites for the service, but the buzz around it is huge. No wonder, then, that the first Google Wave related Firefox add-on is already available.

It’s called Google Wave Notifier, and it has a simple function: it sits at the bottom right of Firefox …

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The ability to customize Firefox with these plug-in extensions is what makes this open-source browser so special. However, there are so many available options for plugins, it’s tough to know what’s worth installing and what will be a complete waste of your time.

There are lists of Firefox plugins that have been created citing the best extensions for web developers …

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Collaboration applications are becoming increasingly popular in the enterprise space. Startup has been steadily accumulating innovative features to its business-friendly collaboration platform and quickly adding big name companies, including Samsung and Panasonic, as clients. Huddle is a network of secure online workspaces where you can share files, collaborate on ideas, manage projects and organize virtual meetings. Today, Huddle …

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The Gmail blog has a post up right now that’s interesting for a few reasons. First, it was posted around midnight of a Friday (this is supposed to be my no-news quiet time, Google). Second, it’s written as a chat exchange between two Google employees. And third, it has a kick-ass new Nintendo-esque theme.

Themes allow you to customize …

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As predicted, WordPress 2.8.4 has been released. No surprise here, after news about the admin password reset “exploit” issue surfaced yesterday. Yeah, there’s some arguments over whether it’s a security issue or not, but it can be pretty annoying if you get hit by it.

It’s highly recommended you upgrade immediately. This is a pretty minor upgrade as it’s supposed …

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Mozilla has released Firefox 3.5.2 Beta build 1 for public.

  • Several security and stability issues.
  • Images with ICC profiles now render properly on all monitors.

You can use “Help -> Check for Updates” option to update your browser or it’ll automatically
Notify you about the update very soon.

It has not been announced officially yet, but you can download it …

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With more than 120 million blogs in existence, how do people find YOUR content on the Internet? The key starts with great search engine optimization (SEO), which is an art and a science that helps search engines discover your content and understand how relevant it is to specific search queries.

You can blog your heart out, but if you don’t …

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There’s no escaping social media — whether it’s for the promotion of your product, service or blog, or even just for fun, it is impossible to deny the staying power of this fairly new medium. Because WordPress is such a popular blogging platform and content management system, and has such a healthy developer ecosystem, it should come as no …

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