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Free Photography Logo Templates

A beautiful photography logo will leave a long-term impression on your customers as well as your images. Looking for creative logo ideas for your services but can’t find something special and unique? We’ve collected 100 wonderful free photography logo templates designed by FixThePhoto that will motivate you to select a photography logo that’s awesome precisely for your shooting business! The logo will become a business symbol and identity of your photography start up.

Free photography logo templates

How to Choose a Photography Camera Logo Design

Mind your photography style

Sometimes all you need in a photography logo is an illustration of the subject matter that you specialize in shooting. For wedding photography, you can combine not just camera icons, but add wedding attributes, rings or a photo of lovers in the background. Whether it is macro photography or landscape genre, the minimalism is the key point. That’s why the background should be bright, but not distracting, a little blurry, but understandable, beautiful and interesting with the depicted people, animals, objects, and other things.

Color Gamut

Be simple with your color scheme. Classical b&w feel premium, while adding a lively accent color can help you build a brand character and stand out from the crowd. Be stylish and elegant at the same time. Don’t make you photography logo too complex. Minimalism is key for a unforgettable (and printable) logo.

Check Out Your Competitors

Browse your colleagues or competitors, what works well with your audience and what you should avoid. Think about what makes them different from you and how you can highlight these differences in your logo design. Don’t try to be too fashionable. Trends are fantastic, but make sure your logo won’t look dated in several years.

Logo Font

Choose a font that you will like, but the clearer the photography logo fonts will be, the better. For example, you can combine script and serif or sans-serif fonts. If your photography services business focuses on classic photographic styles, your logo should speak to those same feelings. A good way to achieve that is to use vintage fonts from the time periods in which film was commonly used.

Design Style

You won’t find one style that is good for everyone, only what’s best for your brand. Forget about clichés of your industry – don’t put cameras, lenses or film – turn on your creativity. Classical, modern, funny, vintage, minimalistic or handcrafted. You may mix and match them to suit your photographic brand.

So, if you are a shooter and looking for an inspiration to design your own original photography logo design or you are looking for some “free logo design ideas” as logo designer, then this is one of the best bundle to get inspiration.

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