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Webydo, Revolutionizing The Professional Web Design Industry

The average website building service or platform just won’t do for professional web designers, who don’t know the meaning of compromise when they take on projects for high-end clients. As proof, 74% of websites are still being made by coding, and for the most part, designers team up with developers to accomplish these commissioned projects. During the process though, when it comes time to pay out, 70% of the budget is allocated to the developers, but what about the designers?

Revolutionizing The Professional Web Design Industry

Webydo uproots that interdependency. It is a dream of creative independence that came true for more than 35K members to date. Through this magnificent platform, designers are given free rein of a project from start to finish, leaving aside all non-creative matters in the process. Responsive HTML code, highly tuned to cross-device display, is issued for your every idea, so you can devote your whole attention to designing a kick-ass website using Photoshop-like features.

There are two routes to go to being: the Premium plan, or the free membership. In both cases, users are granted access to all professional design features, as well as unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 customer support, and the extensive knowledge base of tutorials. Free members can only publish a website as a Webydo sub-domain, and have just 1 GB of storage, and can create up to 15 pages. With Premium, one may publish the end result on a custom domain, create as many pages as needed, and use up to 2 GB of storage. The subscription costs just $7.9/month if it’s paid for annually, and $9.9/month – biannually.

Right now, readers can follow up on a short-lived special offer! 65% is cut off the first year of a Premium subscription by using this code: VIP%65BlogKarachiCorner.

Kick-Starting the Design Process

Starting the Design Process

Design a website on one of Webydo’s three existing venues, which are meant to please all designers’ needs – depending on how many resources you possess, as well as the overall time you’re willing to spend.

a) Blank Canvas – Be a design god and make use of Webydo’s exquisite means to piece together a stunning website from nothing. This would be the perfect choice if a specific design has already nested in your mind. As you give it shape, remember to use some of the gorgeous web fonts from the free list by Webydo.

Blank Canvas

b) Layouts – Why not go about looking for a basic structure to use from the extended collection of splendid templates? See a particularly appealing framework that fits right in with your current project, and then build on it gradually. Feel free to add text captions to images and complex shapes, set an element’s opacity, etc.


c) Designs – Webydo takes great pride in its hefty stack of fabulous website designs. Any of these completed masterpieces could give your inspiration a big boost. Simply find the one that has the most powerful effect on your practiced eyes, and then start to create a website by dragging-and-dropping videos, menus, shapes, images, widgets, etc.


You should also take notice of Webydo’s fantastic CMS and B2B features. The Content Management System is great whenever designers wish to single out specific areas of the website for its owner to edit or update down the road, without it having any negative impact on the actual design. B2B means (I) “Billing your client” straight from your dashboard, and (II) swapping the Webydo brand with your client’s (in key places like your dashboard, or the client’s login screen, CMS, and bill).

Future of Web Design

Designers, Participate! Feel free to get active either by supporting fellow users’ ideas, or contributing your own thoughts on how to make beautiful websites in better ways.

I will call to readers’ attention one last time that the price for a Premium plan is discounted by 65% during the first year of subscription, if you move fast and use code VIP%65BlogKarachiCorner. So take advantage of Webydo’s generosity now – it will give you the creative independence that you’ve been longing for!

Abu Bakar has over five years' experience in web designing and developing. He love to using the latest technologies to build better web. You can follow him on Twitter.


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