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Year 2013 Apps for Photography!

Remember the good old days when you used to stand in front of an ordinary and a huge camera to take a picture. Photo booth pictures and hand me down cameras were a normal story and getting a picture done was a great event.

Much like rest of the world, the photography world too revolutionized and made it a point to be even better with each step. Nowadays, camera need not be a separate instrument – it is right there with you and all you have to do is turn your phone around and get the camera!

Photography Apps 2013

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There are some very good apps available in the market to enable amazing photography and the effects that make it look even better.


camera+ photography app
Camera+ would be something that general iPhone and iPad users use who want to utilize the app to bring out effects and zooming so that all you need to do is simply click away but add all types of effect after the picture is taken.


Instagram photography app

And then there is Instagram in the market that everyone knows because of how popular it has become on social networking platforms. This smartphone photography app gives you the option of using 16 different filters, uploading and sharing on the social media and also saving on the camera roll. This definitely swept away the market and has gained the fame name to itself in a short time.


AutoStitch photography app

Autostitch is amazing if you want to make panoramic shots of all occasions that you have visited. It automatically recognizes the elements in the image and makes it easy to shoot a 360 degree environment with the same time that it takes to shoot all photos.


iDarkroom photography app

iDarkroom is the best for getting vintage and darkroom effect photographs with tons of options as to lighting, shading and different colored filters. This definitely an app that you would want to share on the social media with your friends.


Diptic photography app

Diptic enables that you can place your picture in a format, layer or grid. It allows you to play around with many images and let you give contrasting effects so that they can appear in a definite sequence like the before and after effect.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris

Photographer's Ephemeris photography app

Photographer’s Ephemeris is the app that you are looking for if you are planning for an outdoor shoot. It amazingly allows you to use mapping tools so that you can take picture from the right angle in the range of light. It does this by finding out where you are standing at what point on the globe in what time and from where the light coming.


Snapseed photography android-app

Snapseed is yet another smart app that allows you to manipulate the transparency of the textures that are captured in the image. It allows you to apply more than one filter and bring variations in different styles that allows you to get a more confident grip on how the photographs are appearing and thereby improvising on the scaling and the lighting of the images and allowing you to experiment until the correct effect.

Ryan Holman has been in the field of photography ever since he was an assistant at a photo booth agency. Knowing what wonders and colorful imagination lay beyond the world of lens was what made Drake pursue further into the artistic world of Photography.


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