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OLX TV Campaign

The OLX TV campaigns are been live since the year 2011. OLX TV campaign is getting popular and increasing the visitors of OLX in day by day. The entire viewer’s provide positive response on that site and it becomes a largest place of classified ads.

These campaign ads are available to see on TV advertisement and internet also if you don’t watch TV you can go to by internet to check their new campaign.

OLX TV campaign. Free Classifieds Where Buyers Meet Sellers!

About OLX Free Classifieds

OlX has been working since 2006 they started from Argentina and now it’s working in around 96 countries , They have started their new campaign by the name of “SUB KCH BIKTA HAI”  .This website is free for every buyer and seller any one can post their own product to buy or Sell .

As we all are the familiar with social media and if we have some business even if you don’t know that how to promote your business and how to earn more money from your own business so, is the best solution to get some informative subjects and some other Links for your own business.

Check out OLX new TV ad. is the site which provides us a best way to search everything which we require in our general life.
if you want to buy a new or used car you can have a look from and they will collect all the information from their data base which you required and the budget you have.

If you need any laptops, computers, electronics accessories, even if you need PETS whatever you want they are providing they have categorized the all categories.

They have started their own cell phone access you can easily visit this site by your cell phone.

While they have the different about 40 languages option as well.

This website is for free classified , they just want to popular their site and create link and bounds only the best quality service is that where ever you are you can get all these benefits . has given a great path to the millions of peoples to get in touch and buy, sell their products which are used but worth it.

According to my opinion if you want to sell your used products just is the best site.

Just Do IT.

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Navjot Tomer Oct 5, 2012

They have created a very good campaign. And the tagline “Sab such bikta hai” becomes very popular too.

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