Lightweight Framework For Mobile Web Apps: Sidetap

Sidetap is a lightweight framework for mobile web apps  (2kb minified, gzipped).

The framework actually focuses on providing a flexible side-navigation similar to the one we know from Facebook’s mobile app, and, once the navigation part is solved, it is pretty easy to build a simple mobile web app.

Lightweight Sidetap only weighs 2k when minifyied and gzipped!

Device Support Sidetap aims to always deliver the best possible experience for all devices by starting with a basic experience and progressively enhancing it for more capable devices.

Less Decisions to Make By embracing convention over configuration, Sidetap lets you start building your mobile interfaces right away.

Simple Sidetap provides a flexible foundation for navigating between content panels on mobile devices using an easy-to-use syntax.


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It works by telling Sidetap “the content element to be animated”. It takes care of clearing the stage using whatever animation is appropriate for the situation.

There are 4 animations offered for displaying the sidebar: upfrombottom, downfromtop, infromright, infromleft. Also, a callback istriggered when the switch is complete.

Requirements: jQuery or Zepto.js
Compatibility: All Modern Browsers

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