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jCS Media Library (jCSML) For Creating Cross-Browser Animation

jCS Media Library (jCSML) is powered by jQuery and it is specifically designed for creating cross-browser animation and be able to run them everywhere without having to tweak anything for individual browsers or platforms.

jCSML create flash-quality animations can be built that will run from IE7 all the way to the iPad/iPhone without changing a single line of code. It can produce highly effective animations using the jCSML scripting construct.    The animations can also be easily packaged up and sold like .SWF files.

JCSML works everywhere like IE7 browsers, android Or an iPad/iPhone.


There are 3 fundamental stages to all jCSML animations. 

  • Set up the image sources it will use.
  • If you plan to have transparency in IE7/8, include the 1×1.gif when calling jCS.init().
  • Create mediaObject script structures that describe the animation.
  • Execute the animation.

Requirement: jQuery & jQuery easing library
 All Major Browsers

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KungFu Kid May 8, 2012

I use this library for my personal website. its really awesome.

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