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Horizontal Accordion jQuery Plugin : liteAccordion

liteAccordion is a jQuery plugin for creating horizontal accordions on the fly.

It is sized ~1.4kb (gzipped and minified) and can display any HTML element(images, text, video, Flash..).

Any number of slides can be shown (that fit to the size of it) and it can be set to display a selected slide on initial load.


There are also other options like:

  • speed of the transitions
  • autoplay
  • pause on hover
  • time between each slide

liteAccordion is themable and comes with 2 themes (basic and dark).

Also, 2 callback functions exist  (after the transition is complete and if any of the slides is clicked) for interacting with events.

Requirements: jQuery
Compatibility: All Major Browser


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Smart eDesigners Nov 12, 2012

I found the one which I searched. Thanks.

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