CSS3 Transitions jQuery Image Slider: Flux Slider

CSS3 Transitions jQuery image slider “Flux Slider is an image slider using CSS3 transitions for creating smooth and  good looking 2D or 3D transitions slides.

It requires jQuery or Zepto.js, inspired from the transitions of Nivo Slider jQuery plugin and mimics them without using traditional JavaScript-timer-based animations.


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Currently, there are 10+ transitions including Bars-Bars3D, Blinds-Blinds3D, Cube, Zip and more.

It can display a pagination and/or prev-next controls for browsing through the items.

Also, there are functions provided for auto-playing the slides and displaying captions with each.

jQuery image slider “Flux Slider”  can be controlled with custom events with its API as well.

Requirements: jQuery or Zepto.js
Compatibility: All Modern Browsers
Website: http://www.joelambert.co.uk/flux/transgallery.html
Demo: http://www.joelambert.co.uk/flux
Download: https://github.com/joelambert/Flux-Slider

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