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Mobile Javascript Framework For Building Mobile Web Applications – Wink Toolkit

Mobile Javascript Framework For Building Mobile Web Applications - Wink Toolkit

Wink Toolkit is a JavaScript framework for creating mobile web applications with less-hassle. wink toolkit is a mobile JavaScript framework for building webapps on iPhone, iPad and Android.

It comes in multiple parts where the “core” (which includes HTTP requests utilities, event management system or DOM extensions) is a must to use and every other feature is optional.

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Such a structure helps keeping the filesize minimum which is pretty important when it is mobile.

The UI widgets of the framework is very rich and consists of 3D wall, accordion, sliding panels, flip page, coverflow, progress bar and much more.

Wink Toolkit can be divided into seven families:

  • core
  • graphical (ui)
  • interactions (ux)
  • multimedia (mm)
  • network (net)
  • HTML5 (api)
  • CSS effects (fx)
  • mathematic libraries (math)

There are also libraries for a slick user experience with drag ‘n’ drop, gesture recognizer or browser history.

Wink Toolkit is a project of Dojo Foundation and also expected to be a part of the Dojo Mobile.

Download Mobile Javascript Framework

Requirements: No Requirements
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad & Android

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