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jQuery Page Layout Manager with jQuery UI widgets: UI.Layout

UI.Layout is a jQuery plugin for creating almost any type of desktop-like user interfaces with menus, status bars, toolbars and more. The panels created are totally customizable. They are collapsable, hidable, resizable and slidable.

Combined it with other jQuery UI widgets to create a sophisticated application. There are no limitations or issues – this widget is ready for production use.

jQuery Page Layout Manager with jQuery UI widgets
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  • simple to use: powerful but simple syntax is easy to learn
  • unlimited layout capabilities: 5 regions per layoutunlimited nesting
  • dozens of options: every aspect is customizable, globally and by region
  • total CSS control: dozens of auto-generated classes create ANY UI look
  • extensible: callbacks, methods, and special utilities provide total control
  • custom buttons: integrates with your own buttons for a custom UI look
  • collapsable: each pane can be closed, using any UI animation you want
  • hidable: panes can be completely hidden, either on startup or at any time
  • resizable: each pane can be resized, within automatic or specified limits
  • slidable: panes can also ‘slide open’ for temporary access
  • headers & footers: each region has unlimited headers or footers
  • hotkeys: can use the cursor-keys and/or define custom hotkeys
  • use any elements: use divs, iframes or any elements you want as a ‘pane’
  • compatible with UI widgets: integrates with jQuery widgets and plug-ins
  • demo mode: set applyDefaultStyles option for a fully functional layout


Every panel can have its own headers/footers, can be managed with the help of hotkeys and any HTML element can be used inside them.

There are callbacks provided on every level and lots of methods exist for a complete control.

It can also work with jQuery UI components in harmony to create totally advanced layouts.

Download jQuery Plugin: UI.Layout

Requirements: jQuery & jQuery UI
Compatibility: All Major Browsers

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