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100+ Best Community News Resources for Web Designers and Developers, Last Week Of Dec 2010

100+ Best Community News Resources for Web Designers and Developers, Last Week Of Dec 2010

This is yet another large round-up of best community news resources for web designers and developers posted by other blog owners in the last week of Dec 2010 (last community news posted in the year of 2010) have been submitting on Tech Blog over the last couple of days. You will find great inspiration for your designs, tools, giveaways, awesome photos, christmas wallpapers, iPhone wallpapers, jQuery plugins and etc. Hope you will find useful resources below and help submitting good articles if you find some.

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Here is a compilation of 100+ Best Community News Resources for Web Designers and Developers, Last Week Of Dec 2010. Enjoy!

34 Photoshop HD Video Tutorials To Help You Improve Your Skills

Following written Photoshop tutorials maybe easier to understand the steps but sometimes some high definition tutorials are also really easy to follow.Especially the ones about photo retouching are a great fun to watch.

Be Inspired by Typefaces, Text Art and Typography

20 Various Types of Free Photoshop Grass Brushes

If you want to give a natural look in your art then there is no other best choice than using tree and grass brushes. In here we gathered 20 cool Photoshop grass brushes.

The Best FREE Photoshop Plugins to Enhance Workflow

This article reunites some of the best plugins available for Photoshop that are also free for everyone to download.

Ways To Use Your Business Card To Your Advantage

Everyone who has even been a part of the business world will accept that fact that running a business is not at all any easy task. It gets more difficult for a newbie or for someone who is not properly educated about the tricks and techniques of initiating and running a business successfully. Investing in business is risky but at the same time it if works out, it is a lucrative income. This is exactly why a lot of people are willing to take this risk.

40 Quality Websites with Circular Logos

During 2010 an interesting website design trend has risen. Before we get in, you might say “Thats just the logo, just because its circle doesn’t mean its a trend.” I understand and totally agree with thats statement. However based on the facts, web designers would like their logo to be round on the website, just so it smoothly fits in with the design.

40 Best Collection of Assorted Photography

Photography is all about capturing crucial aspects of beauty in life. What you have caught on film is captured forever, whether a photographer captures human faces that express a gamut of feelings or emotions, beauty of earth, portraiture, landscape and many more.

Color Psychology: Beautiful Blue Website

Color schemes are used to create style and appeal. Colors that create an aesthetic feeling when used together will commonly accompany each other in color schemes. A basic color scheme will use two colors that look appealing together. More advanced color schemes involve several colors in combination, usually based around a single color; for example, text with such colors as red, yellow, orange and light blue arranged together on a black background in a magazine article.

Fresh jQuery Plugins For Your Next Project – Episode 7

Here are Fresh and Latest Useful jQuery Plugins Episode – 7 focusing on all JavaScript category browsing and further resources to reduce time and effort while increasing your audience. Check them out and tell me which you liked the most!

The Difference Between Web Development and Web Design

There are a lot of people confusing the terms web design and web development. Even if many people think that these two concepts refer at the same thing, the truth is that web design is all about what the user sees on the website while web development is all about the functionality of every website.

25 Best Collection of Conceptual Photography

Well, when we talk about “Conceptual Photography”, it is all about the concept and meaning behind the photographs.

20 Magento Designers and Developers

Magento is the most powerful open source E-Commerce platform. It has all the features required to set up and manage online stores. .

PC Names – One-Stop-Shop for Domain Names

A few days ago, a friend of mine showed me his greater interest in establishing a website for his business. I recommended him a few initial things about the process. When he asked me about how and where to get a domain name for his business and how to check on existing domain names of other businesses, without giving a second thought, I recommended him PC Names, and termed it as a one-stop-shop regarding everything related to domain name. Let me review the same for my readers.

Create a social floating bar with jQuery and CSS

From creating the PHP file to customizing the CSS, we will guide you across the several steps before you can complete this fancy floating bar ready to be implemented on your website and where you can place several elements, including social icons, information and more.

Extremely Glamorous Digital Art Portraits

As we keep delving into more photography styles and influences I bring you 24 hand-picked digital art portraits for your inspiration.

35 Useful Ajax Tutorials for Web Developers

We are now presenting AJAX Tutorials for Web Developers, Ajax a short form of synchronous JavaScript and XML is a set of techniques used by many contemporary and popular web sites. Ajax provide web developers with copiousness of opportunities to improve the user practice and improve the presentation of their websites, In the recent years, There has been a larger plunge on developing rich Internet applications.

5 Common Types of Web Programmers

In your code journeys and web programming adventures you may have encountered many strange enemies, and perhaps even stranger allies. These are five common web code warriors, which some could be wonderful comrades in arms, but others may foil any of your plan.

Tips for selecting perfect domain name for business online

Are you looking to start a small business online or starting your own blog online? Are you looking for a website that best suits your business needs? Are you thinking about a perfect name for your website and doubtful about the availability of that website name?

4 Joomla Extensions that Will Lower the Load on Your Shared Hosting Package

Joomla is a great Content Management System, used by millions of web masters and companies all over the world (even Sony Ericsson and MTV use them!). It has a large developers base and user community, which contribute to the improvement of the CMS by providing various extensions and bug fixes.

Hire Ecommerce Developer for Business Website Development

The flourishing concept of online business has a great value these days which is growing day by day at a fast speed.Huge amount of profit is earned by people who are doing such type of business but there are also some people who are unable to run such businesses in a successful way

Christmas candles PSD download

Christmas candles in Photoshop PSD format. These candle graphics comes in a fully layered PSD file with each candles layers organized in named folders.

3DS-Max Tutorial: How to Setup a Modeling Rig on a Sphere

In this video tutorial you will learn how to set up a modeling rig on a sphere object, in order to make it look like a stone.

New Facebook Profile Offers More or Less : Your Decision

The updated design of Facebook profile basically emphasizes on personal details like letting users introduce, or re-introduce, themselves to fellow users more quickly. The new profile page, which many of Facebook’s 500 million or so users are shifting toward, gives you the information about recent photos and relationship, hometown and work status, among other details, right up front. Let’s make it more understandable with the help of comparing old and new profile.

The 10 Commandments for New Designers

Welcome to! – A place that many of you will come to regard as their online sanctuary, their office and for the exceptionally talented ones, their most lucrative full time work from home freelance venture to date.

A Great Way To Have Stylish Portfolios

One of the key reasons I invested in an iPad is because I’m a photographer and the options for visuals for my clients and myself alone are great. This was my one big tool to help me stay organized and be able to create things like slideshows and folders other things specific to photography.

Cracked wall textures pack

Pack of 3 cracked wall textures in JPG format. The textures can be used in your graphic and web design projects as backgrounds.

15 Effective Content Management Systems for Web Designers

Content Management System (CMS) is an effective technology in the field of web designing. It is an application used to collect information, manage and publish content, and store the content as components or whole documents.

Web Designing Tips for a Festive Christmas

We all know that Christmas is just around the corner and we all make our special plans for these holidays. Also, we make a special effort to decorate our homes, offices, shops and other places. But we do tend to neglect the most important thing and that is our websites and blogs. Our websites and blogs are very important places for our online businesses and decorating them on events like Christmas is as important as decorating our homes. You can visit the websites of all the big names and companies and you can see the special efforts put into their websites by their designers and developers in order to redesign the website so that it can complement the holiday season.

10 Reasons Why Web Programmers Fail to Improve Themselves

No one was born as skilled web programmer, so don’t worry if you make too many mistakes at first, but it shouldn’t prevent you from improving yourself.

50 Places to Get High Quality Design Resources

Creating every element in you to design from scratch is already an obsolete idea because it is not logical or practical to waste your time creating elements when you can get ready-made templates and switch your focus to other issues in the design process such as creative direction, usability and UI design…etc.

Absolutely Stunning Vector Inspiration

45 Hilarious T-Shirt Designs By Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand. He has over 17 years of experince in the design industry focusing on packaging, corporate identity and illustration. After his massive success on, he decided to take this business seriously and design t-shirts for a living.

45 Very Beautiful Examples Of Skyline HDR Photography

In image processing, computer graphics, and photography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI or just HDR) is a set of techniques that allow a greater dynamic range of luminance between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging techniques or photographic methods.

28 Beautiful Android Bot Pics

Android is Going Every Where!!. If you ask any expert smartphone user about which mobile os do you like, the answer you will get most of the times is “Android”. It Came from nowhere to everywhere so fast, and everyone loves it for sure.

iPad Opens Up To Photoshop Express

If your looking for the best and newest version of Photoshop, you can now find it on all kinds of iOS devices in the Express version.

DVD Blu-ray Player Software Giveaway

Christmas is around the corner, everyone is pondering about what gifts to get for themselves or friends. To let everyone spend a special Christmas, our company is giving away WinX iPhone Software Pack (regular $89.85) as gifts for all users.

20 Places to Download Free Website Templates and Free Flash Templates

Sometimes you need a free template and you need it fast. In other words, you don’t have time to search for the websites offering this kind of freebies. And you don’t have to. We’ve already done it for you.

Artists Corner – Beautiful Illustrations by Charlie Bowater

The third artist we are featuring on our Artists Corner series is Charlie Bowater, aka charlie140588, an extremely talented illustrator and digital artist from the UK! Be sure to check out her full portfolio which showcases all of her stunning work!

Bring Christmas Festivities to Your Website

As the time passes, 25th of December is coming nearer and so are its exciting festivities. Christmas is the most colorful and festive times of year for individuals, families and businesses all over the globe. It is a season of blessings and festivities, a time when you see everyone and everything in a celebration mood. Apart from its spiritual and ceremonial importance, Christmas plays an important part in influencing business all around the world. The benefits of the occasion of Christmas are not limited to a single type of business. No matter you sell candies, Persian carpets, lingerie, or are running duct cleaning services or a matrimonial website, Christmas is an occasion that takes your business to soaring new heights. And you have to do is to bring the flavor of Christmas in your business promotions.

50 Eye-Catching Photo Manipulation With Amazing Creativity

50 eye-catching photo manipulation with amazing creativity design you never seen before. If you are looking to add some creativity and inspiration to your life, you probably need our Photo manipulation design that inspires you to create something creative and original.

Business Card Designs: 150 Latest Business Card Designs For Inspiration

Business card designs are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. Traditionally many business cards were simple black text on white stock; today a professional business card will sometimes include one or more aspects of striking visual design and creativity.

Photo Manipulation Art: 50 Brilliant Examples of Photo Manipulation Art

Photo Manipulation Art: 50 Brilliant Examples of Photo Manipulation Art you never seen before. If you are looking to add some creativity and inspiration to your life, you probably need our Photo manipulation design that inspires you to create something creative and original.

50 Fresh Portfolio Website For Design Inspiration

Building your online portfolio is almost the same as any other design project, the only difference is that you are your own client. In this article we will showcase 50 Fresh Portfolio Website For Design Inspiration to inspire you to start creating your own beautiful and interactive portfolio website.

Christmas Photoshop text styles

PSD text styles in Photoshop for Christmas season. The text styles come in PSD and .ASL file to help you apply the text styles for your desired text.

40 Photoshop 3D Effects Tutorials You’ll Never Forget

Do not hesitate to try new things for your clients and give them latest 3D effect dose for their consumption. Photoshop might not be the best software to design 3D elements, but most 3D effects you see out there are definitely achievable. In this following article, we attempt to showcase you some of the best 3D design Photoshop tutorials we’ve come across. It’s probably not about memorizing all steps required to produce the output, but rather, to learn and understand the methods involved.

Really Creative Photo Manipulations That Will Amaze You

These of all Photographs are gathered from professional designers liberaries or portfolios, we can call them artist these of all artist did excellent job which we’re arranging in an stunning post for you peoples. “Photo manipulation” or “Photo Montage” is great art in itself, that requires a skill and precision as we know, it is one of the most creative art forms to come out of the digital age. Photoshop is an helping tool for make these kind of stunning photo manipulations, most of graphic and web designers using Adobe Photoshop for professional work as we listing, Photoshop is really a best application when it comes on editing images, all you need is to be creative.

150 Most Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Design Part-4

Today we present 150 Most Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Design Part -4 . Business cards are cards representing company or individual bearing business information like company’s or individual’s name, address, e-mail, telephone number etc. Usually business cards are simple – black text on white background – including just main information and company’s logotype, but there are many other creative business cards standing out and really taking attention. I took a special interest in these kind of business cards, so here is my list about the most awesome and creative business cards, I’ve ever seen.

Best Creative Ads To Tickle Your Senses

You will be presented collection of Ads which you are not going to ignore. The best ads created by creative people for your inspiration.

9 Skills Programmers Need To Have To Survive the Fierce Competition

The economic recession has caused some changes on how web programmers work; they tend to be more interested on short-term job prospects.

Stress Management: Perfect Way to Change The Life

Well, stress is a very common phenomenon in everyone’s life. In simple words, we can define stress as a negative force which we face in our day to day life.

What is the need of Content Management System?

CMS, known as content management system which allows to manage the content of a website without any coder to perform any coding task.

How to Make an Attractive and Useful 404 Error Page?

Often it looks awful showing the default design of 404 error page. Here are some points to do when designing an attractive and useful 404 error page for your site.

Free Wave Effect AS2

A smooth wave effect that you could attach to your photos. Easy to use, just put you own photo in the Movie Clip to obtain the effect.

PixelCrayons offer 15% Discount on All its Services

Just to make the festive season more special for you, a specialized division of PixelCrayons is offering a lucrative Christmas discount to all prospective clients.

40 Best jQuery Techniques And Tutorials

jQuery has long proved a useful and highly recommended development too. It helps in improving the user’s interactivity in Web applications. jQuery will allow you to develop your website in much easier and more flexible for the element in your website. The better website will allow to do better SEO and increase traffic.

Amazing Art Wallpapers: 35 Eye-Catching Wide Screen Wallpapers

Free Download Amazing Art Wallpapers: 35 Eye-Catching Wide Screen Wallpapers, If you are looking to add some creativity and inspiration to your life, you probably need our wide screen desktop wallpapers that inspires you to create something creative and original.

5 Reasons the iPhone 4 is the Best Multimedia Device on the Market

Apple has once again introduced a device that is simply meant to be the leader in the smartphone industry – the iPhone 4.

Hire Ecommerce Web Designer at PixelCrayons

Electronic commerce is an online business activity of buying and selling of goods via electronic systems. Nowadays, ecommerce is continuously rising over the internet. But, why there is meteoric rise in an ecommerce activity?

Establish Your Online Credibility Through Blogging

How successful is a business, is somewhat different from how good is the business. A business is called as a good business, when you know who is the person behind it and who is managing the whole thing, to make it successful.

A Specialized Newsletter Design

The present online scenario provides accessibility to a new service at own will. This has resulted in the web world burgeoning with varied products and services at an exponential rate, where most of them are governed by plagiarism.

A specialized Newsletter Design

At present scenario, the web world provides accessibility to a new services at own will. This brings up a rapid growth in world wide web with various products and services

70 Fantastic Cake Designs Which Will Make You Look Twice

Human creativity has no limits.We see unusual but beautiful things all over the world and all are first created in mind then comes in front of us.While surfing inside Flickr for some other photos i came across some unbelievably creative cake designs which i thought it would be good to put them together and share with you

DIY Personal Media Center

Are you dreaming of a media center that is all in one? Wake up as your dream is now a reality with your very own self built Media center, you can check weather, look at photos, watch movies or hear music with just your computer and a couple of programs.

Showcase of Top 10 Attractive Fashion Illustrations

Do not forget to study how fashion illustrators express themselves through their artwork. Inevitably some styles overlap but each illustrator can be distinguished by their own personal drawing style very much like their own handwriting and signature style.

Marketing Ideas for Web Designing Business

Starting a web design business is one of the most lucrative opportunities out there in the professional world these days. There are so many people who want to create websites for themselves or their business and so the demands for your services are extremely high. However, there is a lot more to being a successful web designer than just designing good web sites. The key to running a profitable web designing business is to know that your job well and to satisfy your clients the best, so that they keep coming back to you for more work and also publicize your business. Publishing a couple web pages can be accomplished by just about anyone, However, to build a self-sustaining business one needs the right tools, planning, experience and training.

PC Craze or Mac Mania – A Comparison Apart!

A Graphic Designer should not invariably choose an Apple Mac when setting up their studio or upgrading equipment. Although the issues of file sharing between two platforms have been resolved but subjectivity of personal choice remains there. Microsoft users often find it difficult to digest the aristocratic impression of Mac users.

Basics Of Digital Photo Processing

The best look of your digital photographs can be ensured by learning basic techniques on digital processing, especially if you are an owner of a digital camera.

Arrow buttons PSD pack

PSD download is a set of arrow buttons in Photoshop PSD format. The arrow button graphics come in 6 set in fully layered PSD format for free download.

Convert Your PSD to HTML Code

Why Online Business need appealing and stunning websites? Why there is a great rise in the demand of PSD to HTML conversion services? Well, attractive and interactive websites play a very crucial role for any online business because website is the face of an organization.

51 Awesomely Captured Dewdrops: The Best Microphotography Examples

Photography is an art and also a pretty good profession. As everyone loves photography but they usually can’t understands the techniques of it but a professional photographer can make a huge difference in between professionalism and non professionalism.We can find the artistic work done by the professional artists around the web and learn more about the various types of photography such as: light-interruption photography, fashion photography, glamour photography, advertising photography, still life photography, wedding photography, fine art photography, nature photography, underwater photography, travel photography, architectural photography, portrait photography, photojournalism, candid photography, fire photography: forensic photography, macro photography, black and white photography, night photography, action photography and there are many more options available out there for photography inspiration but today we are going to share 51 great examples of microphotography with natural dewdrops, lets have a look hope you’ll enjoy this awesome collection.

Win 1 Of 3 $199 Stock Photo Accounts from Pixmac

As one fantastic giveaway ends another begins! We would love to thank our friends from Pixmac for providing a fantastic prize that will be ideal for any stock photo enthusiast.

Download Free PSD Buttons Pack

This Download Free PSD Buttons Pack is a compilation of high quality buttons that you may find useful and unique. Also, since the files are in PSD/PNG/JPG formats, you may add a few of your personal touch to make more… Check out these cool buttons and download your best pick.

Amazing Art Wallpapers: 35 Eye-Catching Wide Screen Wallpapers

Free Download Amazing Art Wallpapers: 35 Eye-Catching Wide Screen Wallpapers, If you are looking to add some creativity and inspiration to your life, you probably need our wide screen desktop wallpapers that inspires you to create something creative and original.

50 Inspiring Examples of Emotional Portrait Photography

For good photography, camera, set and make-over is secondary. It is based on the aesthetics present in the person doing it. That is the reason it is said when it comes to photography, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the camera-holder”. This post gives you 50 inspirational examples of emotional portrait photography.

Become Expert with 40 WordPress Tutorials

The time has come when Microsoft Spaces is shutting down and migrating their 30M users to I am sure that this is going to make WordPress important than ever. Such dire consequences require drastic measures in the field of WordPress, especially if you are not so familiar with WP.

20 Outstanding Tron Legacy Fan Artworks

To celebrate the long awaited return of Tron Legacy, we have gathered some inspiring fan artworks. Ever since I saw the first Tron trailer, i was pumped! Since the movie is being released today, we thought it would be an appropriate time to compile/publish this collection.

20- Unique Buildings Architecture

Well, you might have heard the word “architecture” so many times. This word possesses an immense creativity in itself.

Be Inspired – Creative Web Interfaces

Web Apps: Create and Manage Invoices Online Using Invoicera

Every business maintains an account of time spent on services rendered or received and keeps track of the quantity of goods purchased or sold using invoices.

24 Fresh and Useful jQuery Plugins Worth Checking Out

We all know jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library in use today and i think it deserves this because you can create unbelieveable solutions for your projects even with a piece of code.The jQuery library is a single JavaScript file, containing all of its common DOM, event, effects, and Ajax functions.

The 60 Quotes Project by Photographer Romain – with Exclusive Interview

Today’s showcase presents a special project called the “60 quotes” project, put together by a very young photographer.

50 Exceptional New Year 2011 Wallpapers for Make Trends

We must warm welcome new year 2011 and also say good bye 2010 and let’s prepare for Christmas and next celebration will be happy new year 2011 because we also participate and will exist within your beautiful computer desktop as “50 Exceptional New Year 2011 Wallpapers for Make Trends”. these of all really creative new year wallpapers can share to all of your loved ones because these of all latest collection from different beautiful resource, they also have celebration mood with graphical desktop wallpapers. Hope you all will like these and share comments on it.

New Year 2011 Wallpapers: 30 Beautiful New Year Wallpapers

New Year Wallpapers always give people a fresh feelings and now here come 2011 with lots of fun, entertainment and Technology. Decorate your desktop background with a fresh 2011 New Year Wallpaper to get some new inspirations in the year 2011.

The Phenomena of Human-to-Human Designing

As a graphic or web designer, it is important for you to deliver an effective communication to your target audience through your creativity. In today’s world, if you want your business to survive, you must understand the importance of effective communication with your audience. Graphic and web designing is all linked with Internet as all your material is live and visible to everyone around the globe. If people are able to understand your designing, no matter which part of the world they belong to, it will be termed as a successfully done human-to-human designing.

Inspiring Websites: 60 Motivational and Inspirational Websites Showcase

I looked at over 1000 really Motivational and Inspirational Websites today so I thought that I would share some with you and then make a series out the idea. Now we present 60 motivational and inspirational websites showcase from around the web. So we add CSS Based, Creative, and Flash based websites in this post and only the inspiring websites will be on display.

Twitter Backgrounds – 50 Professionally Creative Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Twitter is ranked as one of the 50 most professionally creative twitter backgrounds for inspiration.

Showcase of Inspirational Websites: 100 Best Inspirational Websites Designs

I looked at over 1000 really Showcase of Inspirational Websites today so I thought that I would share some with you and then make a series out the idea. Now we present 100 Best Inspirational Websites Designs from around the web. So we can enjoy with Creative, and Flash based websites in this post and only the best sites will be on display.

80 Creative Manipulations Wallpapers

Photo manipulation is an interesting part of digital art works. It is being used by creative designers all around in world. Photo manipulation is largely used in advertising world owing to its originality and attraction for the viewer. Photo manipulations is also being used to create coolest wallpapers nowadays. Here is an awesome collection of 80 creative manipulations wallpapers.

60 excellent free concrete textures high resolution

one of the things we use graphic designers and web designers are the resources and tools to make a good design either brushes, textures, high-resolution pictures are all useful

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create Fake Glossy 3D Typography

Learn how to create a convincing 3D glossy text in great detail, in photoshop.

40 Best Photoshop Tutorials From 2010-Hand-Picked!!

Every year we see amazing tutorials which reflects the creativity and imagination of designers.You know Photoshop is the most popular product of all time and again,in 2010 so many unbelievable designs have been created

Best 35 Designer’s Background of Twitter

When you are a designer, you should keep yourself updated from all your communities fellows. Dzineblog360 tries to follow the best designers on Twitter and that is why we are growing so are our friend’s list.

Showcase of Unique 2011 Calendar Designs

With the beginning of every year, Some creative minds have already put their imagination to work to create some awesome 2011 calendar designs. Check out the following most unique showcase of 2011 calendar designs.

New Year Wallpapers 2011 | Colorful New Year Wallpapers | Happy New Year Wallpapers

New Year Wallpapers always give people a fresh feelings and now here come 2011 with lots of fun, entertainment and Technology. Decorate your desktop background with a fresh 2011 New Year Wallpaper to get some new inspirations in the year 2011.

45 Specialty Pages Every Website Must Have

When launching a new site, it is important to build up buzz before actually revealing your masterpiece to the public. That way you can have an eagerly waiting audience to hit the ground running! This post will not only help you start a promising site, but will guide and inspire you to create your own sensational “Specialty” page to build up buzz. First impressions mean a lot, so make the most out of every opportunity. Here are 45 Specialty Pages Every Website Should Have. Check out this list that we came up with just for you. Enjoy!

40 Free High-Quality PSD Files For Web Designer – Part III

It’s always fun to experiment different techniques and learn how to work with various aspects of Adobe Photoshop to spice up boring text or pictures and make them into works of arts and masterpieces. Today we’ve got you a brilliant set of more than High Quality Photoshop PSD files to offer an assortment of techniques for making your next photoshop effect.

20 Attractive and Creative New Year 2011 Wallpapers

Years come and go. Another year 2010 is almost over, left with 3 days to celebrate New Year 2011. So, this is the time to say goodbye to 2010 and welcome a New Year.

50 Professional Photos Expressing Love and Tenderness

50 of the most beautiful photos of romantic scenes and tenderness, something that will get to your heart and hopefully inspire you.

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