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PHP Image Editor For Your CMS


Most of the Content Management System does not have image editing. And all users does not have an image editing program, that´s why PHP Image Editor has been developed. It just receives an image path, and then it´s possible to start editing. It´s really simple to install as a plugin in Joomla, and it´s easy to add to your own Content Management System.

PHP Image Editor is an open source resource (paid for commercial projects) which can easily be integrated with any CMS and enables users to edit images.

It can resize, crop or rotate images and apply simple filters on them.

The script can be implemented quickly, just show the path of the image to be edited and that’s all. Or, if you’re using Joomla, there is a module for that.

Also, the interface is multilingual and there are already multiple languages waiting ready to be used.


  • Support for PNG, GIF and JPEG images.
  • Image effects like grayscale and contrast.
  • Language support, possible to add your own language file.
  • Open code, make your own code modifications.
  • Image rotating, cropping and resizing.

Requirements: PHP5+, GD Library 2.0.28+
Compatibility: All Major Browsers

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