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Google Update Gmail Web Application for iPhone and iPod Touch


Google Inc. was testing a new version of its Gmail web application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Well, the company announced yesterday on the Official Google Mobile Blog that the new version of the Gmail web application is now available.

Google indicates that the new Gmail web application is faster and snappier than before. In addition, the toolbars are now fixed. Before, the toolbars used to float and move accordingly after an individual scrolled up or down.

As we noted in August, many of the features we saw then have been edited out based on feedback from users. As a matter of fact, Google is still interested to know what users think about the new changes. Individuals can submit their feedback through the Google Support Forum or Twitter by using the #gmailmobile hashtag.

The new Gmail web application is currently available to iPhone and iPod Touch devices with iOS 4.x only. The changes are available in English only for now. Google will reveal the Javascript and HTML techniques used to make the new Gmail web app in an official post on

Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments.

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