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Rumor: Microsoft to Launch Windows Phone 7 on Second Week of October

Windows Phone 7

Microsoft will apparently launch its highly anticipated Windows Phone 7 mobile platform on October 11 of this year. The information comes from Pocket-lint, who states that “multiple sources familiar with the matter” have confirmed this bit of news. The sources are all reliable “senior figures within the industry” that we apparently know. However, none of them are named due to the sensitivity of the information.

In addition, Microsoft is said to launch the platform at a global press event in New York City. The event will reportedly be broadcast around the world.

One of the sources stated that Windows Phone 7  smartphones from Asus, Dell, LG, and HTC will subsequently become available throughout the rest of the month after the platform is introduced on October 11.

This is the first time since Microsoft officially announced Windows Phone 7 at Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Spain that an specific day is pinpointed as the official launch date. However, we must take this information with a grain of salt, as its validity cannot be confirmed at this moment. We can expect Microsoft to make an announcement in the weeks to come.

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