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Microsoft Office For Mac – MacBu Celebrates – Released to Manufacturing Funny Video


Microsoft announced today on The Office for Mac Blog that Office for Mac 2011 has been released to manufacturing (RTM). The information comes just hours after Amazon revealed October 26 as the potential availability date on its listings.

MacBU Product Unit Manager Geoff Price states:

“We started two and a half years ago with some big goals to deliver major improvements customers have requested as well as new stuff we were dreaming up, and to release faster than we had before. We also made a big commitment to invest heavily in ‘the basics’ – fundamentals of software quality including design polish and finish, consistency and usability, and particularly performance and responsiveness, and to re-engineer our internal development processes around those goals. And we’re releasing the bits on the exact day we planned.”

Thus far, Microsoft has three different behind-the-scenes looks at the upcoming Office for Mac 2011 and some of its best features.

To celebrate this major accomplishment, the Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU) decided to create a funny behind-the-scenes video, highlighting some of the features that didn’t make the cut. The video is a little bit corny, I must say. However, I’m pretty sure that many will find it funny.

Watch out MacBu Celebrates – Released to Manufacturing Funny Video:

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