“Zoom.it” Microsoft New Tool for Deep Zoom


Zoom.it Microsoft new tool for deep zoom, The Microsoft Live Labs has introduced a free new tool called Zoom.it that allows users to take and share high-resolution web-images. The service converts the image to “Deep Zoom” format, which allows users to zoom the image around no matter how large it is. According to Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft, Zoom.it runs on “Windows Azure and enhances the experience with Microsoft Silverlight.”

One of the best features of Zoom.it is its ability to take a long screenshot of an entire web page and convert it to “Deep Zoom” format. All users have to do is visit http://zoom.it and enter the URL of certain website, including the http:// or https:// part, and click the “Create” button. Zoom.it will automatically do the rest and provide users with a short URL or embedding code to make it easier to share the newly-created images.

Zoom.it was created with Seadragon, the zooming technology acquired by Microsoft back in 2006. A mobile version has been made available for touchscreen devices.

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via ReadWriteWeb

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