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Microsoft Bing App Available for Android Smartphones


Microsoft announced today on the Bing Community blog that the official Bing Mobile app is now available for Android-powered smartphones on the Verizon Wireless network only. Just as in other platforms, Bing Mobile for Android offers several features. For instance, as soon as the application is open, users will be greeted with a new image everyday just as the desktop version. Users will also be able to see up to seven previous images.

More importantly, the app allows users to search for new, images, movies, local establishments, and just about anything. Bing Mobile for Android also features endless scrolling results. In addition, users can search for items visually or by voice. The latter is pretty similar to Google Voice Search. However, is less advanced, as users are not able to grab directions.

As Microsoft points out, its version of voice search works better when looking for “instant answers” such as movies, stock quotes, flight status, and local listings.

The application also includes Bing Maps, which allows users to easily find restaurants or other establishments based on their location. The maps offers the now popular pinch-to-zoom feature along with a zoom button. The Bing team indicates that various other features are included.

The Bing Mobile app for Android is now available in the Android Market. Let us know what you think of it once you download and install it.

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