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56 Best Articles Resources for Designers and Developers – 1 Week of July

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This is yet another large round-up of best articles resources for designers and developers posted by other blog owners (1st week of July) have been submitting on ON&E BLOG over the last couple of days. You will find great inspiration for your designs, tools, giveaways, awesome photos etc. Hope you will find useful resources below and help submitting good articles if you find some.

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Here is a compilation of 56 Best Articles Resources for Designers and Developers – 1 Week of July. Enjoy!

Age Of Conan Inspired Fan Art

Rated 18 so the true tale could be told, showcasing sex, drugs and violence in this epic fantasy world called Hyboria. Please enjoy this stunning collection of fan art created by some extraordinarily talented artists and designers based on the Age of Conan universe

How to create a sleek web 2.0 wordpress layout

Learn how to create a sleek web 2.0 wordpress layout. Download FREE PSD layout.

Photoshop Bump Mapping

Photoshop bump map creation from luminance values, explore the power of creating realistic surfaces…

30 Free and Beautiful Summer Vectors

This summer a lot of opportunities await designers all over the world. To help them in their art work I made a roundup of 30 useful free summer vectors on the Web!

52 Amazing Examples Of Fan Art

12 Must Have Plug-ins for a WordPress Design Blog

Here are the 12 plug-ins I use on my design blog and I explain why they are useful and what their function is.

Nature Elements Photo Manipulations – Fire

Fire is one of the 4 elements that helps humanity survive on Earth. It warms our houses and it helps us cook our food. Besides its material values, in ancient Mythology, fire was considered to be the symbol of human energy.

So check out these hot fire photo manipulations and boost your energy!

25 Cool and Helpful jQuery Plugins/Tutorials For Your Next Project

We’ve collected jQuery plugins and tutorials a couple of times and it was time for another collection of jQuery plugins.All the below plugins have great functionality and i’m sure most of them will help you for your upcoming projects.

Tweetj – Discover the Music on Twitter

Twitter is not only known for the micro blogging but also for its web applications that makes life easy for those who use twitter and mark our presence amongst the millions of micro blogs.

Tweetpromote – Find Followers and Friends on Twitter

Whoever has used Twitter must be familiar with the web applications associated with this micro blogging website. Most of these web applications are useful as they save time by automating the activity.

Free Download Html/CSS & jQuery Admin Panel (Back End)

Free Download Html/CSS & jQuery Admin Panel  created by INDEZINER. We help coders and other people that are doing coding and administration panels for web applications to have better productivity and concentrate on functionality. They can use our web admin solution to have a great css admin full of nice effects and customizations.

The Ultimate Roundup of Websites to Promote Your Design Articles For Free

A roundup of websites that you can submit your articles to for free. Drive more traffic to your site/article by posting to these websites

50 Fonts Typography Posters for Design Inspiration

Fonts Typography Posters has always been a fundamental aspect of inspiration, but many designers are now making type the centerpiece of their designs. Not only is typography becoming the design, but type is being pushed to the limits by being used in cool new ways such as Fonts typography.

5 Reasons You Should Have A Blog On Your Website

Most businesses want to know how their clients feel about their products and services. The trick is finding a way to encourage informal discusson with your customers, so they feel comfortable enough to actually engage with your business. Blogs can provide you an easy jumping off platform for creating a “community” out of your customers. Here are the top five reasons you may want to consider adding a blog to your company website.

15 Amazing Nature Inspired Desktop Wallpapers

Summer is finally here (for the Northern Hemisphere) which inspired me to gather together some stunning nature inspired wallpapers. Hopefully these will bring you as much inspiration as they did me.

Inspiration: Bokeh

Bokeh occurs for parts of the scene that lie outside the depth of field. Photographers sometimes deliberately use a shallow focus technique to create images with prominent out-of-focus regions.

40 Best Websites To Download Free Texture

These days most of the designers use textures in their designs. But finding free and high quality textures is not that easy task. Stylish Webdesigner is making it easy for designers to find high quality textures. We compiled a list of 40 best websites where you can find high quality textures for free.

Create marvelous skin effects using vectors in Photoshop

Today we will create some really cool skin effects using stock vectors and a bit of imagination. Difficulty: Intermediate Completion time: 1-2 hours Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS3

10 Famous Super Heroes Logo Designs

View these excellent famous super heroes logos such as batman, green lantern, spiderman, ironman, etc made by using the finest elements of wordmark and iconic logo design essentials.

The Influence of Art History on Modern Design – Gothic Style

This is the first article of a series, presenting some of the most important styles from each period, styles that still offer high inspiration for designers even today. I will focus in today’s post on the Gothic Style from the Medieval Period.

Download 3D Glossy Green Color Social Networking Icons

3d glossy green color social networking icons set includes the most popular social bookmarking and networking icons (Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Diggo, Mixx, Reddit, Yahoo Buzz, Design Bump, Design Float, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace,Twitter… Etc) as well as the RSS feed, Google, MSN, and Yahoo Icons.

60 Fresh and Creative Logo Designs for Design Inspiration

Today we are presenting 60 Fresh and Creative Logo Designs for Design Inspiration. Logo designs is a graphical element that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) form a trademark or commercial brand.

40 Free Fonts For Graphic And Web Designers

To select the best font in any design has ever been a big problem for graphic and web designers but you need not to worry now, here we are sharing to you a collection of the best free elegant typefaces, we strongly hope that this collection would meet your requirements completely, lets have a look at 40 beautiful typefaces for professional design work, enjoy!

Vector Freebie – Man Silhouettes

Free Premium Vector – 41 Silhouettes of Men. Pack contain: standing humaen, gentlemen, teenagers, business man, street boys, young people, man in overcoat. Free for personal and commercial purposes.

Web Interface Showcase

The Fine Line between Inspiration and Replication

Art and designing is all about getting inspired by the element of universe and beautifully putting them in graphical representation. To be inspired by another designer’s art work is very natural and positive. Every designer feels the need to try something new that will take his graphic-making skills to a new level and its inspiration can come when either they see a catchy design or want to become as skilled as their fellow designer

50 Extremely Clever and Impressive Ads For Inspiration

One of the best way to draw attention for companies is the clever advertising strategy .In the recent years we saw hundreds of ads which make us smile and say woow.

Submit List To Promote Your Design Articles | No Registration Required

Designious Vector Mega Packs: Comment and Win!

Designious is a small design studio specialized in creating amazing vector art and design elements for designers and not only. Designious provide designers all over the world with stock vector art, photoshop brushes and fonts to help them create or improve their art work.

Artist of the Week – DrFranken

DrFranken is a complex artist, both a a digital illustrator and graphic designer from Madrid (Spain). Here is some of his work!

50 Fresh Creative Business Card Designs for Design Inspiration

American Music Design Showcase

Music from America’s biggest artists are probably the most listened to across the world, with stars such as Lady Gaga and Eminem pushing out the multi-platinum selling albums.But the question is, do they have a website design to match? Today I will be showcasing 20 designs from America’s biggest chart toppers to show you how they compare to the ones from Japan

50 Eye-Catching Web Design Interface From deviantArt in June`10

In this post featuring several very talented web designers from DeviantArt. All of these inspiring website examples are fresh and new, for previous june month so you can see current web design interface trends. I must be honest I really love all of these sites, I like current trending and research made me want to get my hands dirty with some new design too.

25 Stunning Colorful iPhone Wallpapers – Color Up Your iPhone Screen!

25 Stunning Colorful iPhone Wallpapers . The iPhone is a beautiful work of art, with its sleek and elegant design. The large screen of the iPhone is ideal for a stunning and colorful wallpaper. A wallpaper can help personalize and beautify your iPhone.

Photoshop Actions For Photography

How often do you find yourself performing the same series of commands in Photoshop? When there are typical tasks that you perform on a regular basis, you have two choices; you can do things the hard way by performing each step every time you need to perform the task, or you can get smart and use an action.

40 Really Inspiring Twitter Background Designs

You may get inspired with these listed twitter backgrounds or you can also make your own twitter background, these kind of designs always inspires to others to follow you and this will also helps you to grow your network. Most graphic designers are getting inspiration and earn as well, you should also share your own inspirations which will be helpful for many other peoples.

Captivating Movie Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is the art and technique of expressing texts by using flying, growing, floating, expanding, turning characters that can really capture your attention!I stumbled upon some truly ingenious kinetic typography videos! Here they are.

20 Creative

5 Yellow Page Websites for Small Businesses – Get Connected! [Part 3]

Including the Yellow Pages websites in your business marketing plan will allow you to reach out to a large number of potential customers and gain recognition for your services.

Nature Elements Photo Manipulations – Water

The first primordial element, water, it’s believed to be the place where life began on earth. We can’t live without it, but if it turns against us, it can kill us. Check out these truly breath-taking water photo manipulations.

Design to Cuddle Upto: The Elements of Design We Are Comforted By

Nothing like a cup of cocoa, blanket and undemanding friendship to dull the pain of life’s harsh realities, the design community gave us the comfort we wanted.

Enlighten your Digital Art Inspiration with Dezign Horizon

Dezign Horizon describes himself as “a photographer, digital artist and blogger..” who comes from Hawaii, he enjoys surfing and adventure travel which really comes out when you see his great work and photogra

HTML SlideshowBox Flash and Photo Galleries with Javascript

SlideshowBox enables you to create professional photo slideshows starting from dozens of stylish templates, and no coding. SlideshowBox will output Flash AS3.0 and JavaScript galleries using standard XML files as sources, though neither AS3.0 nor JavaScript coding is required for you to use our templates.

Japanese Music Design Showcase

Today I will be showcasing the designs that help promote these very talented artists musical talents with also giving you the opportunity to have a taste of my favourite part in the Japanese culture. If you are already a fan of Japanese music, may I introduce you to my favourite artists to add to your collection.This is the first part of a three part series which will showcase designs from artists in Europe and the United States showing how the design style differs from culture to culture.

Design a website layout in photoshop – PORTFOLIA

In this photoshop tutorial we will learn to design a clean website layout. 960 grid system is what we are going to use in this tutorial and lots of photoshop techniques will be dealt as we go through.

Inspirational Business Card Designs

How do you think – what is the purpose of a business card? Is it only to provide a phone number, email, and address of a person, whose name is written on the card?

25 Fresh and Creative Design Social Networking Icon Sets

Today we present 25 Fresh and Creative Design Social Networking Icon Sets includes the most popular social networking icon sets (Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Diggo, Mixx, Reddit, Yahoo Buzz, Design Bump, Design Float, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace,Twitter… Etc) as well as the RSS feed, Google, MSN, and Yahoo Icons.

16 Essential Adobe Illustrator Brush Sets to be Found on DeviantART

This collection of resources are a brilliant group of downloads, they are all essential Adobe Illustrator brush sets which you can download from DeviantART. Exclusive Design Juices July Calendar Wallpaper

Designed with simplicity in mind, my original idea was to have a simple rainbow gradient with a myriad of effects in the background.

100 Useful jQuery Plugins list

jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library that emphasizes interaction between JavaScript and HTML. It’s have Ajax interactions for rapid web development with the powerful scripting language that it represents (JavaScript) you can do amazing things. Sometimes you have to take a closer look to find out what is powering all of those smooth animations. jQuery is quickly becoming a favorite. If you are interested in using jQuery for animated effects.

70 Remarkable High Quality Free Fonts for Graphic Designers

Remarkable High Quality Free Fonts is now more popular and we can notice a surge for Fonts Type work on portfolio sites, Here we have collected 70 Remarkable High Quality Free Fonts for Graphic Designers, I found these design realy inspiring, hope you will be inspired.

300 Free Interface Design Vector Icons and Vector Elements

Theses icons are easy to adapt to your own needs. They can be used for website wireframes, online application design, software interface mockup… They are based on a precise 16 pixels grid, which means that they stay clear and have crispy look even at small sizes.

Inspiring Interface Designs

Did you watch Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Eragon, Pirates of the Caribbean, or brand-new Avatar or Prince of Persia? Did you play Doom and Mortal Combat?

Create a dynamic nature poster in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will create a nature poster using stock images, vectors and brushes.Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS3Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced

45 Stunning Digital Painting Portraits

Today when I was looking through portfolios about digital paintings, celebrities caricatures, the work done by the artistic artists amazed me so much, I decided to share with you some great examples of their great works

Provoke Your Graphic Design Inspiration In Typography And Text Art

This seventh showcase here on Design Juices is that which showcases text art and typography in many forms all of which are of the highest quality to inspire every creative designer reading this.

We hope, We will become the best, creative and inspiring community for web and graphics. Join Us! Can be part of the growing Team. Just write something Creative and Interesting. Click here to become a member.


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