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Know, webOS Gets a Facebook App

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If you ask an iPhone owner what he likes best about his device, you’ll often hear the following answer: well, it’s great for surfing, and it also has a fantastic Twitter and Facebook app

And yet, owners of Palm Pre (which is a direct competitor to the iPhone) didn’t have an (official) Facebook application – until now. The app requires webOS version 1.3.1, and will also work on the upcoming Palm Pixi, but unfortunately, the word is that the app doesn’t really have all the latest bells and whistles; in fact, it’s very basic compared to the iPhone version.

We don’t have a Pre handy, but if you do, and if you decide to try out the app, please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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mekaal khan Nov 26, 2009

salam to all good friends and students my elders and all guys of my age

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