Jumps Into Web Design Business With Acquisition


Online marketing and search engine optimization firm is expanding its services to include web design / development with the acquisition of, as announced yesterday for an undisclosed amount. Michael Benson from will join as the vice president of Web development.

The acquisition of Maryland-based by makes sense, because the latter can now combine website optimization with design services and social media applications. It’s also funny to note actually did some design and other work for in the past, so there were already some ties.

Update: as a commenter points out, there are more connections than this: apparently both and are portfolio companies of private equity firm WashingtonVC, which means this isn’t so much an acquisition as an investor / owner melting two of its companies together. further added that there’s seeing decent growth after a decade in business: in the last year alone, the SEO firm says it has quintupled its size, growing from 12 employees to more than 50, and moved to a larger office in Salt Lake County. It’s not clear how many people employs and if all will be transitioning to

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Guyoz Feb 6, 2013

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