How to Make Money With Your Travel Blog

I get a lot of questions about search engine optimization and how to make money with a travel blog. I guess I’ve developed a little bit of a reputation as being a travel blogger who is also an internet marketer. Daily e-mails enter my in box about how to do this or how to do that.

Because of all of these questions, I have written an ebook about “How to Make Money with Your Travel Blog.” As of May 2009, I make over $3,000 dollars a month from my travel websites. That is enough to keep anybody traveling and being a digital nomad for a long time. Even if you don’t want to be a digital nomad, it’s still a nice side income. This ebook has all of my tips, tricks and advice on how to build a successful blog, rank high in Google search results, and how to make money through advertising.

The ebook is split into 6 sections:

  1. Starting a Blog– Basic but necessary information about picking a niche (what are you an expert in?), choosing what kind of travel blog to have (there is more than one), and the number of websites to run.
  2. Installing Your Blog– All about choosing the right website name, picking a WordPress theme, and installing SEO plugins.
  3. Getting Traffic- How to use sites like Stumble Upon, gain followers, find other bloggers, and use Twitter and Facebook to your advantage to build a community around your blog.
  4. Search Engine Optimization– Detailed information about SEO, how it works, site optimization, link building, and where to find those valuable links.
  5. Monetizing Your Blog– Covers the main types of advertising, which work best for different sites, how much to charge, and where to find willing advertisers.
  6. Putting it All Together– What to expect from all of this and how to best utilize your time.

The ebook takes you through the whole process of blogging, SEO, and monetizing your website. There is information in the book for beginners as well as for bloggers with a little more knowledge.

The main meat of the ebook is in the SEO and monetization section. Each of these sections are a little bit over ten pages long. For SEO, I explain what it is and how it works, what to do on your website and what to do off your website. I explain the value and power of links and, most importantly, I show you WHERE TO FIND HIGH QUALITY LINKS so you can rank higher in Google search results.

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StoreEbay Jun 25, 2009

Great its very interesting subject thank you and we wait for more

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