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How to Make Money with Your Blog


If you are putting hours into writing content for your blog, you may want to make a few bucks (or more) to help pay for hosting charges and other costs associated with running it. Some bloggers find that they can make more than just small change, but most not enough to quit their day job. In any case, here are a few of the more popular methods.

Several ways by which you can make money with your weblog include Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, various other affiliate programs, advertising, and donations. Keep in mind that the success of these programs is highly dependent upon your content and the level of traffic you get to your site.

Google Adsense

Since its launch in the spring of 2003, ads by Google have proliferated throughout the world of blogs and other sites, making it easy for thousands of website owners to make money from the content on their sites. Usually it’s not a lot of money, but the ads are easy to implement, relevant to the content on your pages, and unobtrusive compared to the blinking banners and seemingly self-propagating popup ads on many sites.

To be able to put Google Ads on your site, you first need to be accepted into the Google Adword program. Go to to apply. Google will monitor your site to see if you have the traffic and the content that would pull in sufficient clicks to make your participation in the program worthwhile to Google and to you. Sites with focused content make the best candidates. If accepted into the program, all you need to do is place a bit of javascript on one or more of your site templates to create the ads.

How much money can you expect to make from Google Adsense? Google doesn’t allow its participants to publicly share their clicks and earnings data but you can make a rough estimate. The average click-through rate for online advertising in general is around 0.5 to 1.0%. With that rate, if you get 1000 page views per day (pages with Google ads on them), you should expect anywhere from 5 to 10 clicks per day. What will each of those clicks pay? Well, that depends on your content and the keywords on your page that are triggering the ads being served. You can see what ads might be served on your site by entering your URL at the tool on this page or by installing the Adsense Preview Tool. When a visitor clicks on a Google Adsense ad, the hosting website gets a small fee, ranging anywhere from 3 cents to $12 per click or more. You can sign up to be an advertiser on the Google Adword program for $5 and see how much advertisers are paying Google for various search word click-throughs.

Unless your weblog is about some obscure subject, about which advertisers are willing to outbid each other, thereby driving up the amount paid per click, you can count on an average range of 5 cents to 50 cents paid per click. A thousand page views per day, at 1.0% click-through rate and 10 cents per click will yield you a whopping $1.00 per day. Not much, but it should certainly cover your hosting fees, or if you use a hosted blogging service like Typepad, your service fees. Note that weblogs devoted to product reviews like will generate a higher fee-per-click than political commentary blogs as sellers of the high ticket items will compete to drive up the fees paid to get placed on the ad.

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