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Build Traffic With Twitter

Build your traffic with Twitter

There’s no doubt that twitter now is going big and bigger. Twitter in particular grew 33% in only a month according to Compete data. Ehhmmm before I continued this article and for refreshing our knowledge, we should know what is twitter first. Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users’ updates known as tweets. But for a variety of reason, some people like it, some people hate it. And I think I’m gonna try for a while this twitter to catch visitor to my blog.

The first thing you do ( and the most important thing) is get more followers who will follow you and hear what you will say on your tweets. You can use a black hat tools such as twitter adder or you can play smooth and clean by visiting a twitter relationship website. You can add your twitter user on and add all people on the list and 99% they will follow you either.

After you have a big amount of followers (this where the traffic comes) and has built good relation with them, you can drive them to be your loyal visitors. I don’t think you’ll see much traffic until you get a 1000 or more followers. It’s a numbers game (for lack of a better word) and the more you have, the more that will respond when you post something. I don’t know with anyone else but I think the typical responds rate is 1%. So for every 100 sets of eyeballs that see your post or tweet, one will actually click the link.

And don’t forget to fill up your profile page on Twitter. If you want people to follow you on twitter, you have to write about yourself and what you are up to. This will make people who share your passion and interest, opt to follow you. And always to make sure you place your URL on there. By placing an URL in your profile you showing more professionalism and that will enable more people to follow you. Plus, it is a back link to your website, which means it is just one step for your followers to be your loyal visitors. And if you want to go one step further, you may upload a photo on your profile. There is no downside to this. You only gain more trust from your potential followers.

After set up profile page and communicate with your follower, it’s time to you to put your link on your tweet. For example, you can automate your twitter to display your recent article by using some wordpress plugin or using Twitterfeed to display your rss to your tweets.

Another way to drive traffic is using mybloglog feed to display on twitter with Twitterfeed. All of our activity including recent coment,stumble,recent post showing in our Twitter.

Furthermore, Twitter is a great tool that can be used by internet marketers to drive traffic to their websites and generate new leads, but if you want to keep your visitor on target, you should keep listed on Google SERP and SEO because targeted visitor from search engine is really a gold mine for internet marketers.

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