Blogging Tutorial – How To Make Money Blogging

There are many good ways to make money blogging. You can use Google Adwords, promote affiliate products or sell your own products. All three of those things are excellent methods for making money using blogs. Below is a brief description of each one and how there used.

1 .Google Adwords / Pay Per Click – With adwords or pay per click ads you post them on your blog and your paid a commission every time somebody clicks on them. The beauty of adwords is that you don’t have to sell your blog site visitors anything to make money.

2. Promote Affiliate Products – You can find affiliate products to promote on and in Amazon’s Associate program. There are thousands of affiliate products to promote so you can find products catering to anything that you want. The good thing about promoting affiliate products is the fact that your don’t have to create any products yourself. For every affiliate product that you sell you’ll receive a commission.

3. Create And Sell Your Own Products – If you sell your own products on a blog you have complete control over them and can set your own price.

After you’ve chosen your method for making money blogging it’s time for traffic generation. Traffic is the single most important thing to making money online no matter what it is your promoting or selling.

To the best way to generate traffic is to write Search Engine Optimized articles for you blog with good keywords and submit them to article directories with a link back to your blog. After you’ve done that submit your blog to social bookmarking networks. If you do those two things you’ll generate a healthy amount of traffic.

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